Madness shorty

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Way to short and random.
Madness people should move the rest of their bodies whenever they move their head, hands or feet, otherwise it doesnt look to great.
When someone threw a sword it looked like you had tweened it across the screen.
Imagine how a sword would look if it was thrown in real life. It would spin, and would also travel much faster.

Also, why did one of the people have a bulletwound for a head?
And why did half a head fall out of the sky and the main character used it for a hat?
Really, way too random.
Spend time on your animations, and try to make it look much more realistic.
you have potential for a great animation, you just need to use it.


Poor rip-off.

This is way too short and random to be a decent Madness parody, there's no real structure to the movie, it's just a collection of random events with no real links between them.

Simply copying a movie style (and the music from it as well) is no good unless the content is there as well. Which in this case it isn't.

Though it was good movie, the copying part of it doesnt agree with the rating.

That was odd

That was weird. The graphics and sound was good, but it was just odd. I don't know what to say, I didn't get it.


nice one maetloaff m8

that was great


What the fuck just happened? And where is the language? I DEMAND LANGUAGE!

The Graphics got a zero because there is a 1 in an octillion chance that you made them you'reself.

Style got 2 because you copied madness, and it was madness.

Interactivity got 1 because it had a play button.

Violence got 4 because you stole graphics.

Sound Got 2 Because you stole them.

Humour got 2 because it made my 3 year old sister laugh.

Credits & Info

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Dec 10, 2003
12:24 AM EST
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