Mushroom Rhapsody.

December 9, 2003 –
August 24, 2010
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

First version of a rhapsody with Mario sprites. I have a better version out called "Plumber's Rhapsody" out now, but this is still a pretty good music video. Sorry about butchering the song in half, I was lazy at the time. :p


it was pretty good to watch.

Good video. I love this song, but where's the beginning? o.0 It'd be a lot better if the whole song was here. Nice still. Sad this was there last song before the singer died of cancer...(if that's wrong I'm sorry...can't remember what he died from)

Once i saw the title of the movie i knew what is was and had to watch it. 10\10 and 5\5

Mario rocks out man

why does it look like toads taking a shit when he has his eyes cloased

This is an alright animation. It is not the best but it is definitely not the worst animation I have seen. For those that liked to bash this and say make an updated version, the author did and it is the whole song. If you still do not like it then I suggest you make your own.

plumbers was better

emoh8rfolife- get off ur alzy ass and make 1 ur self if u really think u know all the words, i no i do, i said i did in my plumbers rhapsody review! i even proved it with a verse no one knows! so go make ur own!!!

I think its funny toad is singing

You fucking forgot the first two verses. i should know since I know every word to that song. I hated it when I first found out about it. MAKE A UPDATED VERSION, or AN ANOTHER SONG.


I don't normally give bad reviews, but why did the heck did you cut out the first part of the song?

I love the bohemian rhapsody by queen, but it was a little boring, because the most time of the movie, Toad was singing and standing at the middle of the screen-

But nice choose of music.

I love your singing toad flashes!!!!!!! ^_^

The other Mario Phapsody was better

It sucked, and I agree with the user below. What is up with Mario parodies?
What is up with the photo of a guitar next to crappy pixels? Frankly, it was boring, and the graphics were poor.

I only gave it a 10 because its one of my all time favourite song..

i loved it ^_^

I love that song.

I enjoyed most of this. The addition of the lightning strikes from SMW was a nice touch, and the headbanging Toads was good. The ending was a bit bland however, with just Toad standing there. All in all, a very well put-together animation to an awesome song.

u picked a really good song!

hey man make a pink floyed one, i mean u do have the shrooms and all

This is so awasome! I love all of your music videos. PLZ reply to this and tell me where I can find all of your sprites, and if not, tell me that you are willing to e-mail me them! This is the most awasome film ever!

great work..... its all i can i like the way u used teh faces as the main focus in the first stage for the lyrics... nice work

I FRIGGEN' LOVE THIS.... Of all of your work that I have seen, this is by far the best. This was my favorite song for a long time, and seeing this animation makes me very happy. Superb work. If I ever meet you in real life, I'm gonna buy you a pizza. :D

havent talked to you in a while. i kno you hate bein criticized(cant spell for shit) but you got the guitar in the first riff soo wrong, ok farther up the fretboard is higher notes ok well nice talkin to ya. email me or sumthing blackbat_a7x@yahoo . com

ps kick ass song!!

Love the music! but prefere the other1! STILL GOOD THOUGH!

dude u should do dust in the wind

This is very funny, I do not know why you would look down on it, But I loved it. Even my daughter liked it. Thanks for the show, and I hope you keep up the good work.

this is tied for 2nd with plumbers rhapsody they were both awesome so keep it up

Queeeeeeeeeeeeen i was raised with this band so i love this song........ you have great taste when you pick the songs for youre videos ^^

>< This was a sad song and a sad day sooo I was in a ... ... sad mood? Har..

P.S... : This was Queen and I don't know the song name..

Nice and funky as always

p.s. what was the song name? and the band?

this isnt bad the only things i saw that u could improve on were that your charicters dont really move and when the movie fades out you can see all the layers of a charicter because they seem to fade by layer

I give it a 4! I love your work with the Mario Crew. I love Queen and that's one of my top 5 songs of them that I like so that's why I think I gave this a 9 =) *Rating a 4 =)*

OMFG! I love Queen! Your music videos rock! Do more for me, please?

i loved it and the other people that dont like this screw them i loved it and they were wrong thats my point of veiw thanks for making this i can tell you worked hard on it o and i love all of your work every peice of all your work thanks for making all you did i love it all

I voted 5 to cancel out jerkwads 0. times 5. Levels are so grand. BTW great flash.

What that song called

I never knew u made plumbers rhapsody as well as mushroom rhapsody! Now i feel embarrased ^_^; anyway, this song rocks, though u cut off a bit at the start :p the graphics are slightly better than P.R (as in the tightly closed eyes in the line before 'Mama, ooooooooooooh') Both are great, thanks for taking the time to make them!

i have never seen anyone do that spng such justice. feel proud

that was awsome. great you rawk.

I liked it

It was okay but i think plumbers Rhapsody was much better.keep up the good work.

oh and... I saw 2 users copy your work :
mushroom.rhapsody and mushroom..rhapsody
or something like that and plumbers rhapsody has some graphics identical than yours...
bye !

if only mario was the one that said mama mia (since you would most likeley say it)
p.s. I saw a user copy your work

Loved it!

Being one of the people who do stuff for his website, I can tell you took these sprites from Randy and regardless of what that fool TheAzael says, they are stolen... the sprites are exactly the same as Randy's and I recognise the name Chunkymonkey4u2 from the forums... You get a big fat 0 for not crediting Randy on the sprites... sucks ass when you're a thief, eh? As for TheAzael, make sure you know what the hell you're talking about before opening your mouth ;)

TruntenHagasho, you do realize you can get these same sprites from over 500 dedicated sprite sites across the web. To claim he stole them is rather ignorant. Do you have any actual proof he even stole the sprites themselves from it? Randy wasn't the first person to make a spoof to Bohemian Rhapsody as well. Probabally not the first one to make a mario one, at that... In conclusion... Feh, shut up.

Well what do you know yet again you have stolen someone elses hard work. yes you have again stolen Randy solems sprites the man works hard on his stuff and you steal it I seirously hope you get banned from newgrounds you damn thief!

Dont you have anything to do than copy other peoples work. and Steal Randy solems sprites over and over and over again without giving him any credit at all? 0 for you. Until you learn to give credit to the people you got your resources from.

After seeing something like Titanium Rhapsody, you'd have to do a lot more serious work then this to impress me. I'm not going to be an ass like the rest of these guys and tell you, you fucking suck, because that ain't true. I do see some talent within you at your age, and you can only get better from this point forward. Try harder. =/

Very nice attempt and I applaud you on trying to make it better. But you have the same problems as last time with the mouth movements. Now matching bohemian rhapsody is no easy task so this isnt one of those "0h my fux1ng g0d you suxxorz" reviews. You did good but it wasnt good enough. Sorry

What is that the new thing? Re-hash that great song OVER AND OVER AGAIN? one person did now every one is! GAH!

I loved it. Good job. I will be sure to watch more of your work.

...BUT NO MORE!!! Man! I've been seeing these rhapsodies all over the place! Lol, please don't make another rhapsody, not because you suck, because there are TOO MANY!! Lol, good work!

I thought that it was pretty good. The only thing that i can remeber that could be better would be to add more movement in the long guitar solo by mario. Otherwise grate and make more.

Great song but shouldn't really be related to mario in any way so sorry.

well dude im not trying to be an asshole or anything but why do u keep submitting this flash over and over. i gave the graphics a 9 because u did good at it and song a 10 cause thats a kickass song i loved for a long time. but im tired of you submitting this same flash over and over. so sorry if im being a bitch. i neither gave u a blam or a 5.

There are many sad truths in life. For instance, there is no Santa Claus. Video Game Pk-er's are not going away anytime soon. And great songs which have already had great videos made from them will be cast into total flatulence.

Remember that one kid who told you a joke but you didnt find it funny, so he thought the only way to make it funny was to tell it to you again? And again? And again? That's the feeling I had when I watched this 'better' version of the filth that has been cast down more times than Lucifer himself. (Lucifer was cast down once, this movie was cast down three times. See where I'm going with this?)

Once again, the incomplete song was used. Once again, I felt regretful that I ate right before I watched this. Once again, my roommate regrets ever letting me in his room after I spewed forth partially digested chicken and mashed potatoes that was more visually appealing than this movie.

Seriously, last time I was at least willing to help you to the fact that I, like so many, many others have told you, was wrong with your movie. But did you listen? No. So I'm not gong to bother telling you all the fallacies I saw in this make. In fact, I am glad (and hopeful) that this is your final make.

Don't get me wrong, I disagree with others with the fact that you are ripping off Titanium. After all, no one accuses any sprite comic of being a ripoff of the first sprite comic. Why should I accuse you unjustly of that? However, I don't believe the idea wold have ever come to you if Titanium didn't go up. I also don't think you deserve any form of good rating on this since it is exactly what you put forth last time.

As for those of you who actually gave good ratings to this, be kind to ChunkyMonkey. He needs your assistance. He will never pass beyond the social reject he is now if he thinks he can fool us with this tripe, without your help. Don't let him grow into a lonely old man who's hand has extreme abrasions on it from overuse.

Finally, get a life. Obviously, these sprite flases are not your niche. Maybe you should try a new hobby, like bungee jumping, without the cord. Or perhaps armpit smelling. After all, I'm sure that occupation has more pleasnt odors then this last movie you produced.

What is there for me to review? You made the same stupid mistakes you did last time. Or however many times before this you've submitted this same flash. I've seen many different users make music videos with Bohemian Rhapsody and you are the first to cut out the first third of the song, so don't you dare tell me that it's too long. Look in the music video section on Newgrounds. I don't mind seeing more music videos done to popular songs -- as long as they're done well and completely. So please, for the love of God, if you're really going to do this, do the whole thing or don't bother with it at all.
And lastly, don't take out all your pent up frustration on me. If you're getting deluged with negative comments on anything I might mention, maybe it's not my fault for pointing it out -- especially if it puts a hole in your flash I could sail the Titanic through.

Sorry dude, but this is lame. But the graphics are nice...

This is obviously a ripoff, but if I pretend it's not a ripoff, I can give you a good score.

The only bad thing I have to say, in that context, is that you didn't include the whole song. The animations were good, though.

hows this different than the other mushroom one??
u could have done better.
just watch the mega-man one.

it's ok that you like that song..but why do you have to copy the characters with a spotlight over a black bacground...couldnt u think of something different so it wouldnt look like a rip off?..

but you kinda butchered it. its not the whole song, the grafix aint great, and its kinda a rip of of titanium rhapsody (dont tell me you didnt get the idea from it.) because its my favorite song, i would give you a 4, but you stole it from titanium rhapsody, and its not the full song AND the beginning was boring im only giving you a 2

Why would anybody be mad? This flash kicked ass and had a great song on it. Good job.

The only reason for digging this is the tunes. 'Nuff said.

But it was bitten badly off of the Megaman one. give credit where credit is due at least.

The Megaman Rhapsody was a lot better. Why? BECAUSE IT WAS ORIGINAL!!!! You're just copying other people's ideas. Get over it. It's been done.

I like the song so any excuse...lol

But I did like the Mario guitar solo, that was pretty good. Also the head bobbing toads were hilarious. The synchrinization of the mouth did get a little, well, a LOT off at the end.

And while, yeah, it does seem to be a rip-off of the Megaman: Titanium Rhapsody flash, any song with the words "Mamma Mia" is BEGGING for a Mario version!

ok...you know what this remeinds me of? the mega man version of bohemian rhapsody! that one is extremely better because there is more animation in that one than in this one where it's just the sprites standing there with their mouths moving...you could have done so much better...even the lip synch was awful!

You submitted this three times already, if you don't get it right the first time don't resubmit it under a new name every time.


So how many times does this make that you have submitted the same damn movie? And how many names have you used now? I seem to have lost track. Hmm... that might be a good hint that you should give it a fucking rest.

This is a complete ripoff of "Megaman: Titanium Rhapsody". Seriously, think of something new for a change. Don't get me wrong, you're great with flash but, you need think up your own stuff. Just, use your talent to make your own story. If you need to you can even talk to me. I've got a head full of ideas. Just make something up of your own. At least you can say you did that. Over and out.

So you've successfully shown that you can poorly-imitate a popular flash movie. Is that some kind of accomplishment?

If this were a tribute to Titanium Rhapsody, and not just you emulating the creator's every idea, it might be worth reviewing on its own terms.

i really like this movie!!!
Great coordination when toad speaks.
keep doing great job!!!


I admit right now, i hate Queen and i really do hate this song aswell, but with the mario spin i learned to enjoy it :P

Well done, keep this up :D

(BTW i still hate queen ;))

Its hard to compare this to the Megaman Rhapsody, but this movie had its merits. I almost gave you a 10 on style for your excellent timing efforts, but it started to fall apart near the end (Toad's final solo under the spotlight). If there was any constructive criticism I could give you, its that you spend way too much time focusing on Toad in the center under the spotlight. I dunno, toss it up? Get him at a few different angles, while walking, etc. Hope it helps.

Mario playin guitar! not bad

this flash isn't all that bad, but this has been done way too many times. have you ever watched titanium rhapsody?

i didnt like it, but i hope this survives. probably because i voted a 5 and i want a protection point :). well i think this'll survive, maybe.

its almost better that the megaman Rhapsody but still good in the words of the guy in Mortal Kombat Flawless Victory my friend flawless

I started laughing as soon as I heard the first note. Excellent job. The lips get a little ahead of the music during the last slow part, but other than that, fantastic. This is going in my list of favorite animations. Make more...next time use Megaman characters...and like...I dunno....Mr. Roboto.

Hahhaa...that would actually rock.


and yes i am a queen fan and for those of you who arent dont vote it low just because of that people who do that are fucking shit licking donkey ball sucking ass faced motherfucking bitches. this is a good piece of flash

ok it was good(great song),but the problem i had was it was very choppy you could have used the rounded mouths more cuz the way you did the sprite mouths made it look like they were biting every time it opened.the rounded mouths make it look alot better...
and of course with ever rhapsody video the guitar was played wrong...
i mean there has to be more rhapsody videos than the rest of the videos put together...but still no one can make the guitar player actually look like he's playing it right....good job make more.

on top of being one of my favorite songs
its an awesome flash now

you did an awesome job

great animation
hope to see more of your fine work

i see you have put a lot of work in this rocks.
Ignore the idiot posting behind me, if he only watched it for 5 seconds his view isnt worth a thing.

Some nerver you've got to give me abusive, 0 reviews when you produce unoriginal, mediocre flash such as this. I really dont care what you think or type in response, just know that before accuse others, take a look at yourself.
This was not terrible but i still couldnt watch more than 5 seconds. Better luck next time ol chap.

I hate to say this, but please, be original!!

There must be already like zillions of queen-parody's out there. Now just tell me why did you think yours was better than those others??

Queen rocks just stop copying Titanium Rhapshody


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