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Okay, so, I put together some of my old movies and made some parodies of video games...go me! They're supposed to be bad quality - Seriously!
Anyways, enjoy, let me know what you think, etc, etc.

Oh yeah. If you want to go back to the menu, just reset the 'Cueb. =D

Well, it turns out that Murius is actually Marius. Who knew? O.O
Oh well, what're you gonna do. Still works. *grins*


real good!

i wachted all games and the main movie

to be onest REALLY i want that nanotendo!

heh... I have no current generation game system

But I'd love to get a Nanotendo Gaemcueb for X-Box-mas. ;_;

BTW, was that supposed to be Crono and Frog making those mumbling talking noises before the announcer started talking? That was kinda surreal. #;-}>

The games, the games...

Donkey King scared me. Deeply. I commend you, sirrah.

Mitroid was intriguingly intriguing, aside from the pain in my left ear. Dratted headphones + tooloudvoiceoverwork. -_-

Super Murius/Diablo crossover... INSANE. BRILLIANTLY INSANE. Okay, this one takes the cake.

Excellent job. What more can be said? There is absolutely no room for improvement. Oh, except that the clip of Battle Without Honor or Humanity is soooo freakin' short and it just makes me wanna go and listen to it. That's about it. Great job. #;-}>

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hydraflame responds:

Thank you very much! I'm impressed with your knowledge of everything I threw in. You and I see eye to eye...*nods*
(I sometimes find myself wanting a Gaemcueb too...lol!)

Pretty good.

Some parts were pretty funny, but it ran a bit long for my liking, but then again I have ADD and ADHD so that could explain some of it. Anyways good work and keep it up!

Kinda boring

Nice idea but lost intrest after a while, never did like adverts anyway.. . .

Very good

That was very creative, and had your own style, it only needed to make it a bit longer. But besides that, it was great.

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3.41 / 5.00

Dec 9, 2003
1:02 AM EST
Comedy - Parody