Power of the Geek part 2

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Power of the Geek Part 2: Rooftop Battle! The first one was all setup, this is the movie I REALLY wanted to make!

OK just wanted to answer a few FAQs:

I am only myself, I have no team.
I don't use storyboards, I just listen to the music.
I don't use a graphics tablet, just this miserable bar of soap.
I usually use about 3 or 4 songs per movie, all from different sources. This one has 6.
You will have to wait until part 3 to find out who the old guy is.
Yes, I'm single.

Thanks for your support guys! Your reviews mean constant improvement (I hope!)

And if you look like the girl in this movie, E-mail me ASAP! :)



Well, I guess I've got to give you some credit, man. That was pretty awesome, except that the graphics didn't move too fluently; it looked like they were in the same position everytime, except that their whole bodies were moving. The sound was pretty excellent, since it matched the movie very well.

that was cool! by Khan

oh yay... dad just started playing his bag pipes... aww well, now I cant hear, OH yeah, flick!... it was really cool! GREAT animation, good art, I'm a harsh grader and this was pretty good, its hard getting 10's from me mind you, I dont think I've givin out that many from all the movies I've watched... anyways, to the bad stuff, the video was just to short, you should actually make a whole freakin video of it! imagine how it could come out??? 30 min. it would definatly be hard, but imagine!!! keep up the good work, I hope you get hired, you got it!

Great fight scene

The Power of the Geek is quickly becoming one of my favorite reoccuring shorts here on Newgrounds. Definitely worth the download. An epic 3D rooftop battle that'll keep you wondering how he did it. The music is well chosen.

The best fight ive seen!

Dude this is the best fight ive ever seem. You put the Matrix to shame.
I love you guys (sniff).
Please dont go away.
I need more fights ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


I know you had to work hard on this. Although it doesn't have any humor, except for the old guys head splatting on the ground, its an awesome movie! Keep it up, and I will watch for part 3!

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3.63 / 5.00

Mar 18, 2001
11:06 AM EST
  • Daily Feature March 19, 2001