Power of the Geek part 2

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Power of the Geek Part 2: Rooftop Battle! The first one was all setup, this is the movie I REALLY wanted to make!

OK just wanted to answer a few FAQs:

I am only myself, I have no team.
I don't use storyboards, I just listen to the music.
I don't use a graphics tablet, just this miserable bar of soap.
I usually use about 3 or 4 songs per movie, all from different sources. This one has 6.
You will have to wait until part 3 to find out who the old guy is.
Yes, I'm single.

Thanks for your support guys! Your reviews mean constant improvement (I hope!)

And if you look like the girl in this movie, E-mail me ASAP! :)


Fucking sweet

Part 3 here I come . That was sweet!


dear god, that was aweome. the 3d building, with the zoom and panning, must have taken a hella long time, with whatever program you used to make it. however, it looked a big goofy having the really nice looking 3d building and then the 2d decent drawing of a geek. still, its better than nothing. pretty good overall, nice choice of music. the suqish at the end, thats why i gave you a 10 on sound, made me bust up laughing.

My God, what the hell did you use

First of all, how in gods name did you get the building into the flash and actually utilize it and do 3d zooms and such. That within itself blew away about a third of the portal. Then the fighting was very high class. The music was very good, and it fit the actual fight very well. What can i say it was a very good movie.

GRAPHICS-- 3D building, good color, smooth, very high quality stuff (again, what program did you use?!)

SOUND -- Good music, High quality. Good sync with the graphics.

STYLE -- People had shape. Had a good plot. overall quality was high

INTERACTIVITY-- Sorry, but this was a small problem. Very nice preloader, but the afterscreen could've used some work. Otherwise, it was a movie (not a game), so i can't expect much

umm yeh ..

nice job ... just 1 thing how did you import the 3d model of the building .. and what program did you use please reply any way .... it was good i like the animation .. good job next time add more movement but yeh its good!

Hmm... not as good.

I'm sorry to say but this one is pretty average compared to the first and the third of the series. I mean, is it just me or does the old guy seem to bulk up in some scenes and turn much skinnier in others? The whole scene after the hero clicks the mouse button confuses me too... he's flying? A really weird jump? Dunno. Sorry folks.

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3.62 / 5.00

Mar 18, 2001
11:06 AM EST
  • Daily Feature March 19, 2001