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Poninjas Episode Two

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[top score: 4.02] ATTENTION: I am working on a better episode three that is up to par with 1 and 2. Expect it in 'bout 3-4 days.

FAQ yay!
-Wtf were you smoking when you made #3?
I did not make #3. My friend did.

-Where's the music from?
It's from the resource disk that comes with the game maker called MMF. (www.clickteam.com)
-what happened to the cool font?
I'm gonna make the 'BOSS' alarm different for each 'toon. Change is good :)
-Wtf? No blood?!?!
Yes, no blood. I have lots of friends who are 8- so i can't make the violence too realistic. P'raps i'll make a special remix of one of the episodes later with blood and guts and stuff... we'll see.

Kewl, another gewd rating. Thnx guys! [a couple little animation tweaks added]

Yay it's here! Poninjas Episode Two. Hope you enjoy it.


you've still got it!

This seriesw is proving to be one of my favourites!

perfect like the others

this was distinct in that he had a very human response to things like how he looked at the sword in consideration, faught, and then got it


I only gave you a 9 in style cuz you should have had more arrows flyin at him while he was falling.... heh sorry to nit pick.... Awsome job otherwise

Not as good as #1

I'm slightly disappointed.

It just seems that the action is slightly slower here - maybe there's less happening in a certain space of time.

I don't like the way the guy got killed with the shield - it just took me too many watches to work out why he died exactly.

The way one guy cowers for a couple of seconds - that's the kind of thing I mean - we should have at least another enemy rushing on-screen while he's doing that.

I do really like the way your folk die though and it is a nice sort of 'back to basics' ethos really. It was still enjoyable to watch. And I did like the little rush he did and the white trails for the sword.

great again

the second one ive seen...
i still wannabe a ninja...
boss should hav more life... like... they should receive 2 or 3 attacks... or u could put more bosses...

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4.00 / 5.00

Dec 3, 2003
10:09 PM EST
  • Daily 3rd Place December 5, 2003