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The U.S. Homeland Security Dept has created the terrorist threat color coded threat conditions bars. You know the ones:
Red - Severe
Orange - High
Yellow - Elevated
Blue - Guarded
Green - Low
Now you can see how the levels change in real time.


damn dude.

one of the funniest things i ever seen, some might not get it, but hay, all true man

Read the big review, not this small section.

Ha! Very Original.

I'm sure im not the only anti-bush one here and according to prev. reviews, im not.
I found this little Flash to be quite amusing. You probably don't need it to be so long, a minute of it will get the point accross that Bush is retarted. Nice work!

Why do they bitch?

I personaly loved the flash other ppl that are faggy bush lovers need to get off there fat lazy asses and jump off the statue of liberty DUMB FUCKS
over all it kicked ass


Like Liberal To Talk Out Of His Ass And Put Poeple Down If They Dont Agree But What Makes America Great Is That The Poeple Make The Choices But Liberals Slowly Change It With The "Social Welfare Programs" So Keep Helping The Red Army Ranxx

Ranxx responds:

The red army? Wow! Your ignorance is appalling. Your grammar and punctuation only solidify that fact.

you asshole

good pome but one thing April 20, 2005

Reviewed by: coady009 Overall Score: 7

below you see a assholes review who is also a bitching liying hippy

Canada still clubs seals April 26, 2004

Reviewed by: Ranxx Overall Score: 2

Canadian hunters have been given the green-light by their federal government to begin slaughtering 350,000 seals off Canada's east
coast over the next two months using spears, clubs and guns. Why? For
absolutely no reason other than fucking vanity.
The U.S. banned this form of animal abuse years ago but, apparently, Canadians like to torture innocent animals and won't give it up.
Shame on you Canada. Who cares if your country is clean if your minds are so psychotic as to get a thrill out of clubing animals to death for their fur? Wear your own skin. Leave the animals alone.
my responce

oh boy,im a eastren canadain and im also a hunter.
and i never hear of that i live in a small town conpletly surounned by sea and the only yime we see seals is when a stry one flouts out
and also dude....you cant ceach a seal wit a club! a spear GUN mabey. but a club??!?!
what have you bien doing??pot?crack?
and also.....
the seal is pertecked!
you just wana bitch about sumtin for da hell of bitching.
that did not happen.
so not im rate yours so your bowned to see it
i never wached da movie i just picked a ramoned one out of your flashs.
burn you anti canadaine
ps:well stop killing anamles when you stop kill iraqes

Ranxx responds:

You ignorant moron. You are much too clueless to debate this issue. The annual seal hunt is known around the world and has been a source of contention for years and years. You don't know your own countries history because you are a fucking hillbilly who can't even spell the name of your own country. This years baby seal hunt was huge and they clubbed seals in record numbers. Just because you are too ignorant to know about it doesn't mean it didn't happen. Look it up on the internet you half wit. Stunning methods are typically kicking in the face and/ or beating the babies on the head with clubs or hakapiks. These are the facts you cretin. Furthermore I'm not anti-Canadian or pro-American and I don't kill Iraqis or animals.

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