(old vers)Dead Rain 5

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Bad news is there wont be a part 6.
Good news is the series will be remade and fully told.

the majority of part 6 was lost in a computer crash back in the day, which pissed me off enough to quit.
Dead Rain has been a great learning experience for me, it was my first animation and you can see it get better with each episode as I learned.

There is so much more to the story than was shown in these 5 episodes, its really long and epic. The remake will have all of that plus some changes for the better. For example; Clemens having a much larger and involved role :) The remake will probably be in Comic book form.

When will it be made?
I don't know yet.

Whats left of the lost episodes can be seen on my website, so go check it out if your curious.


Why Clemens have to die that fast
I thought they were like Deimos and Sanford :(

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who was the zombie talking and what did riggs do to it and why the hell can i talk if it can think its not a zombie

this was the best

and this helps since ive seen every movie clip and screen shot for resident evil online this helps my need for the game why must march be so far away thats the month it releases

SickDeathFiend responds:

I dont have a ps2 so no reonline for me, unless its multiplatform.

holy shit!

muuuuusssttt hhhhaaavvve moooorrrreeeee **movie zombie..i eat the flesh of those who make movies but dont complete them**raaaaggghhhhhhh**drool** you better complete the serios!! cause you know how you zombies make death look like a strole...well just times that by 100 and you got how I will kill you if i dont see the next one soon..RRRAAARRGGGHHHHHHHHH

dont wrry i'll give you 2years..MUHAHAHAHAHAHAH poor riggs i love him so much i better hug him to make him feel better!**huz riggs**...dude this serios is so filled with grizzley death that i just must have more..come on plz hurry! i know how hard movie makeing is but i still your fans are fricking man!

well iam going now i just love it so there,
~iam the movie zombie queen of the zombies iam buetiful and iam deadly..also iam 100x more inteligent then anyone MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
~ArchAngel of ying and yang
~a demon stuck in a angels body..or was it the other way around??
~Ryoku the tripple force fusion of Amy,Rinoa,and Goku
~or you can call me Amy if you like?

SickDeathFiend responds:

ogm.!1 o.0 can I have whatever you were having?!/.

ah excellent,

like all other dead rains.... PERFECT!

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Dec 2, 2003
10:27 PM EST
  • Daily Feature December 4, 2003