(old vers)Dead Rain 5

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Bad news is there wont be a part 6.
Good news is the series will be remade and fully told.

the majority of part 6 was lost in a computer crash back in the day, which pissed me off enough to quit.
Dead Rain has been a great learning experience for me, it was my first animation and you can see it get better with each episode as I learned.

There is so much more to the story than was shown in these 5 episodes, its really long and epic. The remake will have all of that plus some changes for the better. For example; Clemens having a much larger and involved role :) The remake will probably be in Comic book form.

When will it be made?
I don't know yet.

Whats left of the lost episodes can be seen on my website, so go check it out if your curious.



Overall the greatest fucking zombie series of all time, i cant wait for the remake, why not team up with another flash animator to do the main characters and you can do the zombies that'd be awesome

Dude :(

Ive been waiting forever for a new one :(

Dude you have prefected the best gore flash ever!!

Your George Romero all over with your sick mind you can be the best zombie idealist ever in our generation!!!!!!! and second your Art skill is so veteran first flash or not you have talent!!!! I Forever your Fan to your Skills Dude!!!!!

Looking forward to the new versions

i was going to slam this series on some major plot wholes but then i read the authors comments so looking forward to the new versions because its an overall good story and i can tell it will be much more defined by your work on Death Curtain.

Riggs just keeps getting shit...

btw how many eps of Death Curtain do you plan to make before you get back to this?

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Dec 2, 2003
10:27 PM EST
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