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Bombjack Remake

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NOW has 2 levels. The third appears but has not been finalised.

Its only 70% complete with only one level but I was hoping for some feedback on how you think it is coming along. If it goes down well then there will be a series of Retro Remakes including Commando and Green Beret.

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You claim that there were only two levels, when there were actually five. True, the fifth one was the unfinished one, but it still counts for something. I love how you can start from the beginning and the apples you have already gotten aren't there anymore. It seems to automatically replay after awhile. The graphics were really good.

I know this was based on an old arcade game of some kind, but I can't remember. Maybe I'm just thinking of this game when I played it the first game. I think it's a very nice game and should have won some award. That dying sound can get annoying.

Cool Game

My only complaint is that when I reappeared after my first death, the monsters were right on top of me and I lost another life right away. Maybe make it so the monster positions reset after you die.
Other than that, very cool.


Almost as good as the original.

It'll be a lot better with more levels and a harder challenge, but right now it's effectively a very good demo.

I'd have to say it's coming along great, expand the game ideally.

You can't beat well made old school remakes.

2D Games Are Hardcore

This is a fine attempt at a game. It reminds me a lot of Pac-Man. I must warn people: I PWN at this game. That is, until those bastards corner me! >_>

((( FUN )))

Hey that was fun, it came out just perfect, great backrounds, the only problem was abit on the conroll play he is hard to slow down or stop, still fun though, keep up the fun games...