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Pro-War Rally

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The day President Bush addressed the nation saying he had given the order for all U.N. inspectors to pull out of Iraq I watched the stock ticker for a half hour straight. For that entire half hour not a single stock reported losses or stayed unchanged; every one I saw went up. Therein lies the true reason for our war against Iraq. Our entire economy hinges upon the dollar’s current status as the favored world currency, and that favor hinges on its being the only currency accepted for the sale of oil. With our economy already in dire straits Iraq began preparing to accept the euro for sales of oil. This would have disastrous consequences, so naturally our military intelligence found weapons of mass destruction and the invasion / occupation began. While people marched in protest in the streets the stock market continued its pro-war rally.

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too true, far too true, CAPITALISM IS CORRUPT, REVOLT!!!!!

NewEvolution responds:

Capitalism itself isn't inherently good or bad, its those who use it for their own greedy ends to the detriment of society that must be stopped.

that's so true

It's sad but true. Things shouldn't be like this. It really makes me think. Now, I live in Norway. I would say that it's a fairly rich country, but at what costs? The good economy here in Norway is based upon oil. And with all this war going on we're just getting richer. I think it's wrong, just wrong that it has to be like that. The economy and wealth of our country is now based upon war and tragedies, yet we don't get much of it. I don't know if you know this but the healthcare here really sucks, the prices are really high and the taxes are even higher, also, the schools are falling apart because of bad maintenance. This is something that defies all logic. It shouldn't be like this. And the thing that makes me really angry is that they all say "we don't have enough money", when we all know that there are billions in the bank. This really makes think about the people controls this country.
Well, if you find your time to read this review, and don't think it's just nonsense I've written here, I'd really like to hear your opinion.
Thank you. It was a real eye-opener.

NewEvolution responds:

Argh, even the semi-socialist countries are run by the rich now. As long as the wealthy few horde the money and tweak the system to make more by exploiting the others, things will continue to spiral downward.

All I know is when all hell finally breaks loose, I'll surely be on the front lines.

Really Stupid

Sorry for giving you such a low mark, but this flash was just plain stupid. There was no animation really whatsoever. Overall is a sad meesly four. I hope I don't see something so stupid again like that.

NewEvolution responds:

Next time I'll be sure to immolate a muffin for your benefit.


once again, wonderful

digging up the facts...those facts....those good ol' facts.... ok i'm getting bored of reviewing your movies...

NewEvolution responds:

Haha...thanks, I think.


I suppose this was a gain in your return

You invested a specific amount of time into this work. It was very simple, the animation consisted of a line scrolling. It conveyed a very clear message and then you spelled it out in the end. I am am sure you are proud of it. It definitely succeded in reaching it's goal. But as a whole, I just like my Newgrounds animations to have more.

NewEvolution responds:


This wasn't really designed for entertainment purposes, but rather to convey its message succinctly. Glad you were able to take it as what it was and yet review critically and fairly.

Getting its message out to a few Newgroundlings is success enough for me as far as this series is concerned.

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3.68 / 5.00

Nov 29, 2003
12:31 PM EST