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Hyper Spot the Difference.

Not really 'spot the difference'. More 'click that difference within the time limit'.

Stupidly easy-to-spot differences but the time limit gets pretty short after a while. Try and get a high score.

Fun for minutes! :D

As always, reviews are much appreciated.

High score table courtesy of 'Deedz'

to be implemented in v2:

- the same difference won't come up 2x in a row
- multiple pictures each with multiple differences
- different (or maybe no) audio
- levels (more pics will be introduced as you go on)

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Great fun, I enjoyed it, the differences were a little obvious but having the timer made it interesting and kept me on my toes, try adding in more different next time and making more pictures,great work :)


59 is not enough for the high scores :'-(

Well, to be honest with you, it is not the best game you have made, it is actually one of the worst game I have ever seen. Lets start with the graphics. The graphics is not so good, you should improve it a lot. First of all, the child which is standing in the pictures is not well drawn. His hair, his eyes, his mouth, his legs and his hands are very badly drawn, you can do better than that. Also, when there are differences it usually is very easy to spot them, because of the fact that you draw it badly, just try and you will jnow what i mean. The style is not that good actually, although I know that there is not much time untill i have to click something, I am not under presure. It is because you didn't build the atmosphere well, maybe a tensioning music would help in that matter. Also, the claps are really annoying. The idea of the game itself is pretty good, However, you need some more changes, because you can always see whether it is: The pants, left\right eye, the hair and the hands. Anyway, it is a pretty good game, just work a bit more on it and it would be a lot better.

Bezman responds:

"Well, to be honest with you, it is not the best game you have made, it is actually one of the worst game I have ever seen."

You seem to do that on occasion. Kinda starting off all coy, before you let loose.

If it's one of the worst games you've ever seen, then I'd certainly hope it'd also be my worst. And what're you doing giving one of the worst games you've ever seen a 5?

In any case, if it is actually "one of the worst game [you] have ever seen", then you could've simply said,

"Well, to be honest with you, it is one of the worst game I have ever seen."

Fewer words, and perhaps slightly less harsh in its tone.

Though I appreciate elaboration, saying, "His hair, his eyes, his mouth, his legs and his hands are very badly drawn..." seems pointless. I'm going to assume you failed to mention the torso not because it's OK but because you forgot. If you'd said, "the lines are wobbly", or "the colours don't work well together" or something, that would've been great. But your 'elaboration' of listing the various anatomical parts seems to serve no real purpose.

Do bear in mind sometimes that a game might not be what you expect. You complain about the easy differences, when (as I wrote in the comments) it's meant to be more about reactions than observational powers.

But as you seem to think that idea is slightly unsound and that spotting the various differences should pose more of a challenge that's something I'll certainly bear in mind and will definitely act upon.

You do put forwards your points, give both praise and criticism. You end on a kinda positive note which is nice.

You do sorta contradict yourself by saying, "it is a pretty good game", when you've earlier said, "it is actually one of the worst game I have ever seen". Not a good thing at all.

I can't help wondering why you gave violence a '1'. I can only imaging you got angry or maybe you thought the boy looked a bit aggressive?

It is a decent review. A few good crit/suggestions made. Specially re: tension/atmosphere


A review I thank you for and one I found useful and enjoyable to read, as with all of yours. Don't wanna discourage you from writing reviews - I enjoy reading them and you put thought into them, which is lovely.

You might enjoy my submissions: 'Spot the Difference' or 'Skears DX'. Anyhow, Thanks again and I'd be interested to hear any future thoughts you have.

Stay funky,
- Bez

Can be fun

Well I am not sure what kinf of randomizer you used for this, but I ahd it slecect the same part three times in a row. Taht made it a little easy, but I tried to keep up with it, I can see if I had a bit more energy I could get a score in the 60's maybe higher.
This is a fun little time waster, that I would have others check out.

Bezman responds:

I review your review:

Starting with a positive comment, you go on to highlight a possible problem. (One that I failed to notice at the time.)

You then went on to comment on the ramnifications of this problem. Constructive criticism's always nice.

You give an estimate of your own success within the game, which is nice for me to know, and your closing summary of your opinion is lovely to read.

Though rather short (though longer than a lot of reviews a submission would recieve on day 1) you really give it all - nice comments, costructive criticism and a good summary.

Your writing is clear and concise.

I would prefer you wrote even more and told me yet more about your thoughts, but I'd like to re-iterate that this review was useful as it is and I thank you for reviewing my stuff.

I rate your review 6/10

Stay funky,
- Bez


Pretty good

It was rather simple and easy, if it was a much harder image then it could have been better. It just repeated itself after awhile

The graphics and sound were pretty good.

Keep up the good work


Bezman responds:

Again with all 6s. Why?

With games, it's nice if you tell us how far you got.

Regardless, you again gave positive comments, constructive criticism and an overview.


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2.87 / 5.00

Nov 29, 2003
10:09 AM EST
Puzzles - Difference