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Ball Bouncer

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A simple, ball bouncing game, fun for all!!. this is my newest one, be sure to keep looking for new games, also look at my others. :) chao

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dis reminds me of a game ive got called sonic breakout.its the same game only sonic styled and control is moving mouse.if you want it,go to CaosC ritisem Creatoins,go to games and you should find it.

p.s. it is only a demo,dunno how to get the real game.

Really fun if you like breakout

I played the original Breakout on Atari and i love it so it might just be me but i think its fun.

Haha funny shit

Nice one Mark. You never told me you made one of these and put it on here. I'll have to make fun of you tomorrow for it. >:]

Anyway, nice try, but uh, the ball was too slow. The ball also seemed to just, go through everything and not bounce off of it like in real break-out games.

Nice game though.



Not bad at all!

I realize how hard programming is, but you pulled it off quite nicely! There were no glitches from what I saw...but......the problem was that you really didnt have to "play". It seemed to do most of the playing for you. All well, still a good game, and I want to encourage you to make more. The more you make the better you get!