What if D.K. was kiddy?v2

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Sorry about my last version. Flash didn't stream as I expected.

There are 3 hidden scenes in this movie too.
Hint: "If you find one then found them all."

Many of you asked "What is kiddy?" in my last movie. It's an image that was given to Nintendo and its so called lack of mature games, like Grand Theft Auto.

People look at Nintendo as childish, like Barney, Teletubbies and Fisher Price. In other words, if it doesn't have violence, blood and guts, semi-nudity, death, etc. then its kiddy and not a good game to get.

However, games don't need all of that to be good. Just look at some of the great games here on Newgrounds.

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That was very creative and well done! It also brought back warm fuzzy DKC memories at the same time. Please make more of these in the future!

since it almost the same....

....i lowered ur calification, but it wasn´t that bad to say it was awful


I agree with your view on nintendo games 100%. I dont know how many times I say this to those who listen, FUN GAMES ARE NOT DETERMINED BY CONTENT OR GRAPHICS, BUT HOW FUN THEY ARE TO PLAY AND REPLAY!!!! Graphics and content are there for 1 reason and 1 reason alone. And thats to help the game sell. Take a look at Super Smash Bros. Melee! That game managed to stay on the best selling charts for nearly ONE WHOLE YEAR. It did that because it was A) Helped by the hype and deliverance of the N64 prequel and B) Because of its infinite replay value. You could play that game a million times over and STILL come back for more. I say to all you people who think that games with bad graphics and non-mature content, the next time you play a game with pretty visuals or M rated content; play an older game after it and compare the two's GAMEPLAY. Not graphics, not content, not rating, BUT HOW FUN IT IS TO PLAY OVER AND OVER. Think, how fun is it to go through the same campaign over and over again in a game like Halo? Sure there's online and split screen, but can you do that by yourself with no hassle? You can in Super Smash, you can in 007 Nightfire. Now Xbox fans dont get me wrong, Xbox has its strong points(I myself own a 360), but most of its games are simply mindless, twitchy trigger finger games(with the exceptions of Morrowind and Oblvion, which rock) that require little skill. As for Sony, I never hopped on the Playstation bandwagon so I have no right to critique or praise it. In conclusion, from now on give games like SSBM, Star Fox, Metroid, DK, Mario, and Pikmin a little more credit and at least rent them at a local blockbuster to give them a try. Who knows? You may even begin to enjoy it. However, if you dont own a GC or N64 then dont run out and buy one just for the sake of playing them. That's just foolhardy, even if it is a good game you plan to purchase. One last bit of sage advice about gaming. N E V E R JUDGE A GAME BY ITS PRICE OR APPEARANCE!!! DECIDE FOR YOURSELF WHETHER IT'S FUN OR NOT!!!!


Not that great of a movie. All you did was take the original game. You didn't even try. The Z Saber says "Be original, bitch." We give it a 1 for effort. Be nice, Z Saber! WHERE ARE THE SECRETS?!?!?!

Pretty good.

Oh, and to the guy who was ranting on aobut Xbox and PS2 sucking, I have all 3 systems. I actually enjoy them all with their own games. You need to expand your horizons more. Back to the movie, I thought this was pretty good because I grew up with DK Country (I am 14 now). I liked it.

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4.40 / 5.00

Nov 26, 2003
2:09 PM EST
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