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Wannabee 8Bit - rpg

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Wannabee 8Bit was supposed to turn into a parody of 8bit theatre
It didnt go as planned though, and it kind of created its own world..
Which i cant develop anymore (i lost some blueprint files in a format)
This is all i could salvage, and have given up most interest in it
DEATH ISNT IMPLENTED YET (i know its dumb)
If you find it a fun game (for as long as it lasts!) please leave a review

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it has potential

But the controls are awful, the character moves as if he was on ice!!!
It is very hard to control his movement.
And magic missile was very slow and not very strong.
How are you supposed to hit monsters with it when they follow you?

-100 health. yeah that's awesome /=[

make it so your player can die instead of keep losing health,yet existing I hope this helps.

i couldn't under stand the directions

make the direction easyer to understand and it would be better( I think).


but not great...

potential? = yes

you can make good flash for sure, throw in some more time and effort and you might make something top 50able

has potential

if you improve the controls what up with those virtual buttons? i didnt understand that at all. the only think i could seem to do is jump.

also change that bg music.

Imahilus responds:

flash gives each button on your keyboard a virtual key number
i just dont know how to translate those numbers to the correct names of the buttons
(that it displays: UP for example)