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Poninja Test ==BETA==

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Author Comments

Wow the poninjas really caught on! I have submitted a much better version of this 'toon as well called 'Poninjas Episode One' with more action, sound, a preloader, etc.

A short film about little ninja guys who kick the crud out of each other. Took me about a week to make. There's no BG because i wanted all the focus to be on the action in a sort of 'trials and tribulations' kind of way.

32 fps
1356 frames
8 deaths

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killfest of ninjas

Haha cute

Haha well this was cute, it seemed to just start and go with no play or replay buttons, the characters were cool and you had some nice effects to go with it, so overall i wa spleased with this

Add some play and replay buttons

Cute test


I Prefer This

In my opinion, having the corpses stay on screen is more stylish than the selected red fade outs. Makes more clutter though; must be hard to think of a way to have the Ninja remove them so he can fight, which would become repetitive. Pah, I'm rambling again. Awesome movie.


Cool... The ninjas moved swiftly and smoothly. Not like that tribute crap i've been seeing.

it was good

i liked this but not very good but it was the first entry so meh