First Time Playing CS

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After encountering an infinite amount of noobs while playing CS, I was inspired to make this movie. Everyone who plays CS knows what I'm talking about. Even if you don't know much about CS, hopefully you will still get a laugh out of this.



You really hit the spot there.... i dont know how many times ive been teamflashed....

by noobs.

(wow saw that coming didn't you ^^)

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Whohoho! That's nice!

I wonder how pros became pros when they were noobs... I guess the best tip is to learn from a guide! When I was a noob, I made bots use knives so I can score up but now when I want them to shoot, I let them use guns n' shields so it can add up some satisfaction. Few years ago, I stopped playing because I forgot about it and couldn't find the game Condition Zero, we have it many years before I quitted and now, when I again played this, I let them use knives and as I grew up, I realized that I became fast in using desert eagles and shields, everytime I want to play with my team using pistols, I give them shields too but it's only available for CT forces I'm just lucky I always score high even I use pistols and shields and also letting the 2 teams use them also!

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Told you all

See, Told everyone sticks would amount to something....

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It was funny but theres no need to be so mean to noobs after all we have all been there (not that people we admit it =P). If you teach them then they wont suck as bad! unless there the pissed off nerd type who are there to make our lives a anoying hell.

Spartan112 (kais246)

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Exactly, cept a few

-The guy who thinks he is the greatest and when ppl kill him, he just starts swearing calling everyone a noob.
-That 10 year old kid in every game who doesn't stop talking on the mic. Your either pissed that he wont stfu, or his voice innoys you
Was expecting the first one, i mean, what's CS without over pissed off nerds? XD

9/10, for missing the over pissed off nerd :P

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Nov 23, 2003
2:09 PM EST
Comedy - Parody