Matrix Revolutions

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After seeing the third Matrix movie it really disappointed me. The acting was horrible all around. They really showed Neo as being Savior too much (Dying for everyone else, showing cross on chest while light was being shown within him). I know the Oracle died before filming, but could they not come up with a better explanation? The list goes on.

Edit: Thanks Damien-DCLXVI for the title. To let all of you critics know...I am WELL AWARE of the fact that the Oracle died, I just don’t think they explained it well. Second, in case you are didn't realize, this video was SUPPOSED to be retarded. It was supposed to be stupid, because Matrix: Revolutions was stupid and if you think that I can't understand it, then why didn't you understand that this was supposed to be stupid? I hope you all have "intellect"? and are "open-minded"? The only thing I really worked on was the animation =) If you guys didn't understand the two main points in the flash here it is. For the reason for the Parappa reference is that they said believe way too many times. Also the point between Scudworth and Mr. B was to show the human and machine relationship and how stupid it was.


I dont know

i didn't really like it too much..at all. It was boring. Watch the matrix series again mabye youll be less sceptical.


I have to say that was kinda gay. Cuz i believe, yep hilarious(sarcasim) srry man good animation cept at the end otherwise, it was eh. So nect time dont make so pointless. Too short to, make longer.


I didn't really understand why you would make fun of such a good series. I know that Revolutions was nowhere near as good as The first and second Matrix series, but probably the reason you didn't understand was because, maybe you didn't watch the Animatrix, which held a lot of understanding toward the final chapter of the Matrix, and the events that came before.


That was so boring plz tried better next time but i do agree that the movie was retarded

True. So, sadly, true.

Neo, and everyone else, WAS GAY. Since the oracle died, some idoit predicted they would all turn gay, and they did. Maybe the best scene was the ending fight. That, was cool.

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Nov 23, 2003
2:08 AM EST
Comedy - Parody
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