Matrix Revolutions

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After seeing the third Matrix movie it really disappointed me. The acting was horrible all around. They really showed Neo as being Savior too much (Dying for everyone else, showing cross on chest while light was being shown within him). I know the Oracle died before filming, but could they not come up with a better explanation? The list goes on.

Edit: Thanks Damien-DCLXVI for the title. To let all of you critics know...I am WELL AWARE of the fact that the Oracle died, I just don’t think they explained it well. Second, in case you are didn't realize, this video was SUPPOSED to be retarded. It was supposed to be stupid, because Matrix: Revolutions was stupid and if you think that I can't understand it, then why didn't you understand that this was supposed to be stupid? I hope you all have "intellect"? and are "open-minded"? The only thing I really worked on was the animation =) If you guys didn't understand the two main points in the flash here it is. For the reason for the Parappa reference is that they said believe way too many times. Also the point between Scudworth and Mr. B was to show the human and machine relationship and how stupid it was.


Not Bad

I also want to point out that the Matrix Revolutions was a pile of ass too. That movie sucked and brought the whole Matrix franchise to shame(as well as the game). I don't think that they could've made the plot any more mickey mouse than they did.

Not funny

The last Matrix sucked ass. I don't even think a flash animation can even think of being any better than the movie.

idiots idiots idiots

honestly man you just gotta start to think about what there is behind the guns and kung fu. really if you hated matrix 2 its definently just because you honestly did not get the message, i admit even i had trouble getting the movies meaning but in the end it all came together.

i think your flash is a load of **** and that the score i gave you is a very realistic enterpretation of the what your level on comprehension is when it comes to movies

Pretty good.

Voice acting was a little bit substandard, but the drawings were all very well done.

The animation was fairly smooth. Good job all around.

As for your Matrix disliking, I'm not sure I follow you on some of your points.

First of all, the acting in the movie seemed pretty good to me. Whats wrong with the Neo=Christ analogy?

And as for the explanation of why the Oracle changed.

The Merovingian terminated her, and she found another shell. Much like Agent Smith found another way to program himself when Neo destroyed him in the first movie.

Makes perfect sense to me, as far as sense in the matrix goes.

You should argue your points a little.


OK, Last person.. Just because this guy doesn't understand what the movie is about doesnt mean you have to get hateful on him, I didn't understand what it was about but I still liked it, The supreme graphics made up for the poor acting, Sure the people all talked to eachother as if they had been apart for like a year..

Seems like they put more effort into the graphics than the script and yes there are a few 20 things that people in Matrix forums have un-fogged for me that MAYBE the owner of this Flash Movie may want to check out, Anyway nice movie but it was pretty pointless..

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Nov 23, 2003
2:08 AM EST
Comedy - Parody
  • Daily 5th Place November 24, 2003