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Zombie Killer 2071AD

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Decided to take a break away from cartoon style, and give myself a chance to use more gore. You can start streaming this game when it is 20% loaded if you have a 56K modem (by clicking the button). Remember, Zombies die quicker if you aim for their head.


nice nice nice

to kill zombies you have to kick his ass. u can shoot zombies anywhere... even in the balls...
+i think you know..

diff tactic to kill zombies -
1) 1st - legs
2nd - body

2) 1st - body
2nd - head

3) 1st - arms
2nd - legs
3rd - head

had to cheat when fightning the octo-zombie boss..... the moving black house wasnt much of a problem..
... whats the cheat?! oh... right-click and press play it will freeze all the zombies in the screen. Happy now?!

not bad

not bad but he south park shooter was better1

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well like the last guy said its better than the first...........;x

Keep Workin

well it beats the new one

by far

You idiotic Arse-monkey

This is a ridiculous attempt of a game! The zombies take about a million shots to kill, and if they get close enough they go off-screen so you can't hit them but you still lose health!
also, learn to make better graphics for your "games".
Or more preferrably don't make any more.

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Credits & Info

2.97 / 5.00

May 24, 2000
6:00 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - First Person