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November 19, 2003 –
November 23, 2010
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All I can say is WOW. I really went half ass on this trailer and was just gonna upload it with no intention of making the real movie. But now I am, thank you everyone who kept this movie on and gave it good reviews, I can understand the people that didnt like, its not the best trailer. Chucky vs The Lepreachaun is now in production, who knows when it will be made but I can gurantee an awesome movie, it wont be done for a while, it will be a long movie, no half assing or what you see on the trailer, this is gonna be an awesome movie. Thanks again everyone, you've inspired a movie.


I concur with Taskam..what is the technical difficulty? Atleast this one had text with a white screen I guess....so you can have a 1 for graphics this time.

sometimes im just watchin some flashes on new grounds and i come across this movie that is justa picture or some text and people are giving reveiws for it like its osome thing completely different. For this it is just some text in the middle that says too big.

Well, Chucky was pretty well designed. But, as for his counterpart (Lep), this guy needed to go back to the drawing board. Lep's got more grace and more humor in him. The least you could of done was put in his trademark pipe or plaid vest-wear. You sullied the name of Leprechaun (No, wait...his name was sullied back when they produced 'Leprechaun 5: Lep in the Hood'). Nonetheless, you need to UNDERSTAND the characters before you start making stories of them. It was somewhat solid effort. Rant, over.

that was funny and really cool. the leprachaun looks awesome. you did a great job on making both chucky and the leprachaun.

Very good, I've been waiting a LONG time for a movie based around those two.. Thank you.

You REALLY need to make that into a trilogy or sumthin'!


I thought that was cute! I think you should try to make that into a flash, despite what the dip**** before me thought.

But you really should work on the characters a bit, you know....make them do other stuff then raise a arm and flying around... nice try though

yea, chucky and the leprechaun were my big time childhood horrors (chucky mostly) and they both scared me alot, but what the hell am i babbaling on about...
#1 stupid
#2 faCial expressions= none

it is now 330 on a thursday morning on a school night and this is the movie i choose to watch...THE MOVIE BETTER BE WORTH IT....

It shows promise, but the characters suffer from lack of movement.

I dunno...what u doing on the weekend?

But the art and animation is in dire need of a tune-up.

if the actual thing is a bit better than this, then uve got a really cool flash movie


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