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Link Vs. Cloud

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This takes place after FFVII and Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It is my interpretation of what could happen afterwards.

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Great but graphics could be better.

I Liked It

The animation was not the best. I mean it was good enough and I understand not every one can be perfect with it. I my self would have trouble making a stick man movie. Hahahaha. But it was decent until Cloud's Limit Break, then it just looked ridiculous like you were making fun of it or not even trying. He was just swinging the sword limp wristed so to speak and lazily.

I am also not sure why I had to keep clicking the screen to advance the story. It was like I was reading or watching an interactive book. But anyway, it was decent. I like both Link and Cloud so I may appreciate this more than others.

I gave it a 9 due to the poor Limit Break animation and that I had to keep clicking the screen. Decent movie.

it was cool

but bad animation


Go Cloud!

Hmm. This does have potental

I think that Link should have turned into the Feirce Deitiy at the end instead of what he did.