Roger the Retard 3

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Roger the Retard, ep 3.
Thanks to Mightydein for giving me the voices!! And thanks to livecorpse for teching me so much!!!

-Tricky Music



yeh there was no need for mocking terrorists but than again if your not against them your with them so ill protect you...

he can't stop dying!!!

poor old Roger. can t ever take a step without dying. funny azz music

ok that was strange

not that bad very random the music got a lil annoying and the story could have been modified to allow for a smoother transition between scenes but i liked it

bush was funny and the bomber ppl were quite strange lol

not to bad graphics would be a plus for a sequel but not nesseccaryily better just different
i prefer more solid graphics like ermm southpark type drawings maybe as oppose to crayons manual drawings like you have but no real objections in the graphics department either

thats pathetic...

dude, you got too much time on your hands... or... you need a girlfriend, lol. please make these longer or, better grafiks... im blaming you, and i hope everybady else does to!!!

Eta-Beeta responds:

well...you made my day!

Awwwwwwwww :'(

Its a shame its the last one.
i love the rodger the retard series.
please make more theyre immense!!!!!!!!!!! :P
:) :) :) :P XD :D :')

Eta-Beeta responds:

Maybe its not the last...?

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2.33 / 5.00

Nov 19, 2003
12:51 PM EST
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