FFVI: The Day After Part1

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December 15, 2003 Update - This is just the intro/credits/synopsis using ONLY text so if you don't want to sit through that, skip to part 2. I am really suprised how well this one is doing considering there is only text.

This is the intro to Final Fantasy VI: The Day After (part 2 will continue where this left off so go watch it after you've watched this). It was a game I worked on about a year ago. I finished a 15 minute demo and it got so much good feedback that it was an exclusive FFVI sequel for FinalFantasyIII.com! But sadly, I had to scrap the project because the program I was using was just too complicated. And on top of that, I lost all my plotscripts meaning I couldn't edit the game without it glitching. But people that visited that website really wanted to see it completed so I have started making it again as a movie. If this does well (and I'm hoping it does) then I will start with part 2 ASAP. Goto http://www.geocities.com
.html to download the demo. Everything in the demo will be put in my next movie so if you like it, chances are you will like the upcoming movie.

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I have to be honest here. I'm sure the rest of the series is great and I plan on going through and watching them and I'll review them accordingly. However I simply can't give this entry anything higher than a five. Just text and music will only get you so far. What you wrote is good which is what saved it for me.

Some intro type animation would really have helped. Again I understand that this is meant to be like a teaser to get us interested in the story and it works fine but this is far too simple. I do not mean to bash you, this is just my honest opinion. I am ready for this though since I just finished beating FF6 again.

Vinstigator responds:

Don't worry, quite a few people left the same type of review on this movie and ended up loving the series. The reason why there is only text is because at the time (believe it or not) I knew nothing about flash animation. I taught myself as the series progressed. In the 2nd episode I didn't even know how to get the characters to walk! But in the 3rd episode, they started walking. After each episode I would learn more and more about flash animation. So if you watch the series from the first episode to the current one, you'll see how I evolved as a flash artist. Anyway thank you for the honest review. I look forward to seeing more reviews from you in the future.


Oh cool

Oh wow i forgot about this one here, it looks good and quite entertaining, nice to see its still around, keep up the good work

it was just right, all from the start


Great flash here all must watch it

Vinstigator responds:

Hey X, long time no see! I remember back in 2003 when you gave me positive reviews on my earlier entries. You were one of the people who inspired me to continue with the series. Anyway thanks for the review on the movie that started it all!

I will not work

I can't stand this it will not work. I gave it a five because my computer will not load it

Vinstigator responds:

Well you added it to your favorties so I'm assuming you got it to work? It works fine for me.

too short but alright

i thought it was good expect that it was too short but that was still good

Vinstigator responds:

This review was kinda short but anyway, glad you liked it ;)

Just awesome

Dude, I loved this even though it was all text. I really got in to it because it was just like the beginning oof a book, and a really good one at that. It was just awesome.

Vinstigator responds:

Thank you. Some people have told me I should write a book because of my writing skills :)

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3.56 / 5.00

Nov 17, 2003
9:56 PM EST