Fist Fuck 2004

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Fist fucking action that will literally BLOW your mind! Took over a year to create.


I should hate this...

...I should mock the drawings, the lack of animation. I should mouth off about the fact that song is totally overused. I should complain and rant about this movie. I should vote 0, but I can't. There's more substance to this movie than any other on Newgrounds. I'd give this more points in the review, but it's a slide show. But I will give you this, it's moving. I don't know how true this is, I don't know if it's really you, if this is just a piss take of net relationships, but somehow I doubt it is. I think this seems like true and heartfelt. The name I don't get considering the content, but it's a nice movie/slideshow/whatever, and it's actually touching. If you could put as stunning animation and sound as you do emotion and truth into your work, we'd have an amazing flash artist on our hands. People staring at my review in shock, watch this movie, look beyond the title and see what it is. Everyone can relate to this, even if not the exact situation, this sort of scenario plagues all of us through life, and this captures the emotions very well. Watch this movie, it's not the best animation, it's not the best sound, plot, humour, violence etc. but it's a good. It's touching, dare I say it, it's heartwarming. Just as I can be harsh to movies, so can I be nice. I am just in my actions and my scoring. Watch this, everyone, watch this.

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The Best Serious Flash I Have Ever Seen

Good Job Man It Almost Made Me Cry

If i was a girl id say aww

Ok you people really need to lighten up on these reviews. This guy obviously loves this girl dont be sour cuz u have blueballs and ur ugly. I gave up on online relationships a while back cuz there dumb. But if u actually met her well thats good for you. As long as you guys love eachother who are we to judge this. Not me, Not you, Not the milkman.


Holy, I don't know how I ended up going to a flash called "Fist Fuck 2004" I mean seriously that's pretty twisted...anyway it turned out not to be that, and something far better and more meaningful. I can relate quite well to that, because I'm kind of going through the same thing, I met a girl online, and I love her more than life itself. She's going to come up in a couple months, then in the summer we'll be together permanently :) I didn't cheat on her however, and I never would. Anyway, enough about me, good job, that was really touching.


This movie is awsome I completely understand what you were feeling and I can totally connect to it, it has so much emotion, and like some others said I too hope you can be in her arms again some day.

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2.33 / 5.00

Nov 17, 2003
6:02 PM EST
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