Mutant City

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This is Mark McPherson's new series, "Mutant City". I am Sipho, I am coworking with him on this project. I draw the characters and animate them. The original character concepts and story boards are done by McPherson. I repeat this is his series, I just do the art...This goes out to all those who complained about the art in Comet Magnum. Even though this movie is a lil rushed, I promise the ones in the future will be ten times better....

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(irst of all you have to understand that a 5 is not a bad score. 5 is avrage. I just wanted to get that out so you dotn get mad)

I like to break down all of my movies (that i veiw) instead of bluntly saying : This Movie is teh BoMb or ThiS MovE Sucks!

Graphics: graphics are this movies only real +. very well drawn
Style: Nice consept, but a lil overlyused on NG.
Sound: a little repetative and needs voicovers
Violence: ok but not really intertaining
Humor: not really funny

Overall: this movie suffers from low frame rate, which is unacceptable considering the default FPS is 12, which is ok.
Plus, the models are like still-figure-motion tweens. no life like movment

Overall: 5

Learn how to use flash

This was a pretty lame attempt, I must say. The artwork itself isn't exactly terrible, but the animation sucks. And you obviously have little knowledge of setting up a scene. In the scene where Oden is talking to the mutant, Oden is looking to the left. Well, that means that, if the two are facing each other, the mutant should be facing right. But no, he's also facing left. It's little things like that that can make or break you. Keep working at it. Also, some voiceovers would be nice.

team up with somebody.

seriosly, you suck and animating but ur good in drawing. team up with somebody and your flashwork will be more than average.


It could have been better. It could have been much better. You didn't put much effort into this at all, did you? Because the last review was about 9 months ago, I don't expect you will, but.... Redo this. It was pretty crappy.

I dont know what to say.

I have been a big fan of yours for a while now, first with comet magnum and then the success with the necromancer series. But i dont know what to think of this new one. The character design is real good. But the backgrouds dont seem to fit the caracters of the story. The characters a dark and gothicy i guess you could describe them. But the backgrouds are collor full and more animated. Like your comet magnum series. Another thing is the animation. It is just like you stoped trying. I mean i understand the style you were going for with comet magnum. But the character movement looks like its from that Resident Beavis series. Just solid picutres moving around. I hope things change around as the series goes on. As it could be interesting. But overall i am dissapointed with this new series.

Sipho1312 responds:

well, what can i say, its the first episode, it was rushed, i didnt take my time...i promised a better second one which is in the works...so now all there is left to do now is to just be patient and wait till the next...

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3.18 / 5.00

Nov 16, 2003
4:36 AM EST
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