Sonic t. Swordsman TEASER

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An epic drama begins, when evil returns...
Sonic's arch enemy MetalSonic returns from the depth of Eggman's junkyard and swears not only to kill all who stood in his way but also conquer whatever he can. His first goal is Sonic's Party, which celebrated the mystirious disappearance of Dr. Eggman.
But what brings Sonic to use a Sword?
What happens at this party?
And what is this ALL ABOUT?

Stay tuned for "Sonic the Swordsman" THE SERIES!! Coming soon...


Nice trailer!

Sonic the swordsman, eh? Sonic meets Fighter! Heh heh.

Well, this is going to be quite interesting. Your trailer was good - it piqued my interest and had enough meat on its own to, in my opinion, be portal worthy. That's what trailers are all about!

I await the actual move. Good luck with it! :D

Fucking nice!

This is the kind of trailer I like; something that gets you interested in the movie it's advocating, and that's all this did. First of all, as an insane Sonic fan TO TEH MAX!!!, you won me over just having Sonic ACTION HERO!!!, since there's just not enough decent Sonic movies on the site. Secondly, the action and was little story you introduced was so extremely awesome, I was totally stoked to see this. And despite the fact that I'm not the biggest fan of Linkin Park, the music was totally an awesome choice for the trailer. So basically, this could be the best sprite movie I've ever seen! Finish the movie already!

now i....

cannot wait for this movie hopefully it dont take u to long also that is what a teaser is spose to be keep up the good work at yr getting a 10 plus a 5 all around.

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Nov 14, 2003
9:47 AM EST