College Man 2

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Finally, the sequel to the award-winning hit, College Man! Can College Man overcome the fearsome Trigonometry Demon? Is the Calculus Monster REALLY dead? Find out in this episode of College Man!


That was really good...

It was stick figures at first, so I was a little scared, but then you came back and had all those awesome special effects and a really good fight seen. You even made the close-ups have some sort of definition to his facial features. Therefore, good score!

Then again, maybe it was just my hatred of calculus and trigonometry that drove me to vote so high. Oh well, it was good AND I hate them. works for me.

Keep it up. Can't wait to see a number 3. Think you can have College Man fight demons like, oh, the entire alphabet? or maybe just unneccesary punctuation.

not bad

Very simple design. I have to admit that I found it amusing since I'm a math major college nerd. The only problem I had with it was that in the preloader haiku, "sine and cosine" is not 5 syllables. No biggie, just thought I'd poing that out.

UrLord responds:

Hmmm...you're right, I wrote it down wrong...but I'm too lazy to fix it now; I'm off on my next project!

i know how u feel

im takin pre cal rite now, and all this cos and sin crap is driving me crazy, i can relate to ur movie alot, hang in there, it was a pretty cool flash.

UrLord responds:

Oh, just wait till you have to integrate those trig functions. Did you notice that whenever the big curvy line came into play it meant something nasty would happen to Our Hero? Yes, this is only the beginning of your pain...

Kinda boring

Try making it interesting.

UrLord responds:

My god, that's a BRILLIANT idea! Why didn't I think of that?! INTERESTING movies, you say? Why, with that plan, I'm sure to succeed now! Thank you, wise Master Drunk! Now I can make movies as good as yours!


if you make 'c's in algebra and an 'a'in geometry, do NOT go into math analysis (calculus) go into Trigonometry. Otherwise, you're asking for a beating. (we'll thats my opinion

UrLord responds:

Oh, you don't understand. My grades have always been fine, it's the mental anguish of attempting to decipher the meaning behind my professors' gobbledygook. Besides, the villain in this one is clearly Trig...though as you can see through this cartoon Trig by itself is relatively easy to conquer, it's when you throw in Calculus to the mixture (the Calculus Monster of the first College Man movie is the guy who dropped down and integrated himself with the Trig Demon) it becomes SATAN.

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2.97 / 5.00

Nov 13, 2003
12:18 AM EST
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