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All i had to do was pick the freaking rose but no! FREAKING CARS!!!!!!!!

to beat this game.

I'm not entirely sure that I understood all that, but here goes anyway:
1) Get the fire extinguisher from the farthest South-East screen. Go to the burning building, and enter it. One of the computers unlocks the door. Go through, and in the burning room use the extinguisher. Talk to the girl. Leave.
2) Buy gardening equipment from the gardening store. It's somewhere in the North-Western area of the city. Cut the rose that's in the park and give it to the girl who asks if you're a gentleman.
3) Buy the ice cream from the stall in the park. Find the girl who talks about ice cream (NOT the one who says her sister likes it though) and use the ice cream.
--After completing 2 & 3, you should have a phone number, but I can't remember which gives it to you. Buy the battery for your cell and use the number you get. Somebody will sell you a pic at the harbour (far South-East again). This'll cost more than you can sell it for, so you might want to save it for last.
4) Buy a banana from a girl on the far West side of town somewhere. On the screen with DK, use the banana. It's fussy about where you stand, I managed to get it to work standing just to the right of the building with DK on it.

That ought to cover whatever you're missing. If not, be specific about what you need. Remember to sell pics to make the money you'll need.

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Cars Cars Cars

Cars .... many Cars .... nightmares now of Cars .... going crazy cause of Cars

God help me!!!!!!!!!!!!

This would be a ten but i'm sorry but there are to many f-ing cars. I mean i got turned into a pncake at least................... 50 times holy $@^@. So please fix this this game so there are no more cars. Or lives like in Frank's Adveture 4.

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4.11 / 5.00

Nov 12, 2003
3:41 PM EST
Simulation - Dating
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