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MegaMan 4

rated 2.91 / 5 stars
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Nov 12, 2003 | 1:40 AM EST

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Author Comments

this is the whole version, with the come back of Zero !



Rated 4 / 5 stars


A lot better than all of the previous ones!Great animation,gerat sound,and it wasnt too short either,keep up the great work!



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Hmm Well now this is a exciting new development

First of all I would like to thank you for making my evening very fulfilling, and the second thing I have to mention to you is feedback.

Okay you are pretty good with your flashes and I think you have more potenial then you actually lead the viewers to believe am I correct? Well in either case my coworkers and I think you may have a little bit of talent there. In any case if you are familiar with the popular anime Ah! My Goddess, or Tenchi Muyo, or even Dragon Ball, do you think you could make submission to New Grounds.
The reason I ask this is so I can see if you really have this raw talent I think you do.

Sincerely The Team here at Pioneer studios (signed in under Gokou for some strange reason instead of Tenchi Muyo or Belldandy)


Rated 5 / 5 stars


thought i was gona blam wasn't ya with that tittle right?? MUHYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH nope iam that evil you can love me for my reviews and hate me for my begging for an animator to help me get my ideas published but...anyways WTF WHERES THE REST AMY WANTS MORE AND WANTS MORE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! dude i hope in the next one we figure out wat 0 and rolls did...**thought bubble goes next to comp screen....evil thoughts...LOTS OF THEM**..ya i now iam wierd but hey iam an angelic knichtress wat can i say i'll probabley go off and vote a 5 or sumtin cause i liked it and i want it to stay around..see iam the reason why crap movies are here**thinks about makeing another name just for blamming ..but decides not to..too lazy too** see iam also a demon used to destroy ppl's wishes and might call me a dream eater but on a MUCH BIGGER SCALE besides being 10000x more powerful i can multie task..MUHSAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH see this is why i want an animator so i can make a mega man movie outa this and some other ideas i..have way to many of those..**thinks about going to random forums to beg for animators ..agien decides agenst it because too lazy and doesnt want to get in trouble with many differnt ppl ya know?**

ok wat was i doing...hmmm**trys to think fails utterly ..but of coarse goes on ** ..oh ya i was wondering where the next one was and if 0&rolls scene will be in the next one..come on ppl wana know..I wana know that and i love your work ya i know its hard to animate..not cause i do flash(doesnt have it)**goes of to weep comes back momentarily**..but because i draw anime comics..(if ya wana call them that its more or less a combination of all types of things but thats its basic element).. ya and its hard to draw characters over and over agien the same or close enougn that and i have alot of animater buddys..i know ppl..they just wont help me cause there asses that and i dont want there help they dont like newgrounds..most of them..or i dont like there style for my ideas..ok back to movie this rocks and amy must have more and blamming retards have no idea wats going on SO THERE!!!

your good friend,
~the angelic knightress(THAT MEANS IAM A GIRL KNIGHT YOU NINNYS!!!!!)
~the demoness of nightmares(ALSO A GIRL)
~Dante the dark knight(dmc ..and dont go there with me and the girl thing OK)
~Rinoa+Amy+Goku=Ryoku the triple force warrior(ya i know 2 of them are girls and one is a i say the fusion warrior is a girl OK!)
~and of coarse iam why. but iam also a secret agent for dark forces unknown its fun to be the many mes!!!!MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHHAHAH


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good, but...

What did X do with Roll? I guess that question will never be anwsered...

Jaimyman responds:

Err I dunno =P find out later n.n


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Me.. again..

I liked it..
the backalley with the graffs was kinda nice..
a bit short tough.. the music was great-
-and i mean the other to ones fit in perfect (mine was wrong)

music: kefko? wtf? me ain't kefko.. fix dat

Jaimyman responds:

music Kefko ? i dunno what you ment, but i'll try to fix it...i'm gonna read your review till i get it;)