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*Dr. MaD Special - Stick Drawing tutorial 1 BETA*

I'm having a bit trouble with this, so ive submitted this beta verson.
At the moment it has no preloader, and no sound due to sync problems. Im realyl sorry for this, i'm working to fix it !
*A preloader will be added THIS WEEK !*

Check it out, even if you dont like sticks.. and be sure to take a look at the credits ! ;) *wink*

-MAG- (MaD Cow Productions 2003)

p.s:this is not a game but not a movie either, its an interactive tutorial so i chose to put it under the category of INTERACTIVE...
and it sais "mild adult themes" because it shows people smoking blunts. just being fair.



That was pretty good! For a stick movie that was good.

MAGmcp responds:

it wasnt a movie =\
and it only took me.. like.... 2 hours to make... lol
thanx anyways !


This is quite a good tutorial, Although you need to learn how to spell position.

Cool tutorial.

I'm suprised!

Nice tutorial on sticks. I liked your use of variation of Stick Emotions and likeness displayed. As well your short stick flips at the end.

My suggestion is: You can definitly create a intense stick figure movie with your style of mixed faces and detailed action. But making it original will be difficult as we all know what we "expect" from a stick figure Movie. Just continue on your prospect of Sticks with some Frame by frame animation with your style and an original story or the like, and Presto, you'll get your well derserved score.

Don't let critisim stop you, let it feed your inspiration.

MAGmcp responds:

=D =) Thanx !!!!!!! =D
this is probably the best review i got till now =)
well, finding a good story that i can actualyl put into animation is hard for me.. and i always have problems with sound and voice acing and music.. and i suck at actionscript, i can only do good preloaders... besides, i dont only do stick movies i do real stuff as well and different styles as well.
Thanx for the review !!! ill be making more of this series !

I liked it

Although drawing stick figures is easy, you took it deeper into what to do to make the most detailed stick figure. I liked it. But next time, no stick tutorials.

MAGmcp responds:

thanx, but ull have to bare with just a little bit more, for the sake of those who do like sticks =)

not bad at all

i liked it, it was helpful. some people just dont understand how this helps people that are trying to learn flash like myself. it was pretty basic though i mean, even for me, so you should continue making tutorials. what would be a hell of a lot better would be on how to animate them because in the credits its obvious that you know how to. thats all i got to say...

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2.60 / 5.00

Nov 11, 2003
9:05 AM EST
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