Retarded Toaster ep.3

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Its me again with another episode of Joey the Retarded Toaster and his friend Barry The blender. Keep watching cause there is somethign after the movie that you all might enjoy. For my next movie i would like to ask many of you to plz e- mail me at Toaster_Messages@hotmail.com so in the next episode it will kind of be like a fan letter thing. So enjoy the movie and please watch it all.



That was very nice. Funnny as hell. You were right, it was a lot better than the last one. Good graphics, and I like those clock voices. I dont know why....Great work anyway. I liked it. Keep up the good work!


This series appears to have gone stale already, judging from others' reviews of it (including those quoted in this episode).

On another note, it isn't very sporting to rag on someone just because they scored this movie badly.

I'd say lots more, but there's too little space in this text box for that. Feel free to quote this review in your next episode; I'll just laugh.

Molzahn responds:

Well you wont be laughing anytime soon.

ur a retard

seriously make a better animation than some stupid faggot toaster talking (using mp3 aloud) to a blender get sum better ideas or don't this anymore.

Molzahn responds:

Its spelt "some" not "sum", wigga plz.

why you dirty bastard!

Im never gonna tolerate pple who say the one thing: VOTE TE FU**N 5!!! That's a completely retarderd thing to say! So go fu** yourself

Its kinda nice

Its kinda nice pal, gj, but its not easy to hera what they are saying, its going a little to fast:o
keep up the good work

Molzahn responds:

Thanks for a good review. Finally.

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2.31 / 5.00

Nov 11, 2003
4:05 AM EST
Comedy - Original