Zelda: Mock-arina of Time

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My first submission to newgrounds is finally apart of the Zelda collection!

50,000 views! I already reached that with Majora's Mock, but getting this award for my first ever submission to newgrounds is a real milestone.

TX2: New Name, Same Toon. Who wins in a blattle between the Heroes of Ocarina of time, Link to the Past, Wind Waker, and Zelda 1? Well not the Link from Zelda one, cause he didn't arrive on time.

and now some comments from the voice of wind waker link:
Raymei: I had no part in the creation with this except some assistance with sound effects and the little link's voice (terrible voice actor...) But! it's funny as hell! Especially for TX2's first flash! (^_^) yay!



it was funny but links voice was so gay. but that added to the humor


did u know that u can not only make baby links head bigger, BUUUT also change th text at the end? i not , why not?

Easter Egg!

if you click many times on the middle (small) link's head, you will make it bigger. Did you do that on purpose, TX2? Anyway, I loved it

TX2 responds:

I can't imagine how someone could do that on accident?

Oh the Hilarity!

This is awesome! Great work, although the graphics need some work. It took me a bit to figure out who the 2d games link was. Poor wind waker link though. He's like the only Link who hasnt got an ocarina for an instrument, if you dont count the majoras mask thingys, and Twighlight Princess' wolf howl thingo. . . Meh, Great work, just need to work on the graphics a tad.

omg that was so funny!

I like it and if you don't like it,why you got ta break balls?

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4.08 / 5.00

Nov 10, 2003
11:41 PM EST
Comedy - Parody