Stick violence

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This isn't actually mine. A friend made it and I'm just submitting it for him cos he doesn't have an account or visit this site. It had sound and music but it wasn't a swf file so when I changed it to a swf file it didn't keep the sound and music. Please Review.


i know people will think it was shit but......

i know how hard it took to make it . well done vote 5 for my dc sniper

Two Words: Very cool!

I enjoyed watching your flash very good, I really like those graphic's and style. The slow-motion was brilliant, I don't know how you do slow-motion I wish someone could tell me, but still your sound was good yet I still think it lacked somewhat. Violence, obviously a ten. Some lovely slow motion attacks as I've already said, also the punch/kick attacks were really good, especially with that stick! No interactivity whatsoever, but that doesn't matter. Humor, some may not think so, but actually there is! The way they get thrown around on the floor, that's wat mainly made me laugh! So the final score I'm giving you which I'm sure you can agree is fair is a 9/10. I really wanted to give you a ten, the only thing it lacked was length and sound, but excellent flash piece! That's all I have to say.


but.. definately needs music...
thats the only thing that made it boring...

Penguinboy responds:

i submitted the wrong file. the other one had satisfaction music in the background. If u consider that music.

Its kinda nice

kinda nice movie pal,
-maybe some bakground music should be nice, not only the gunshots
-I like those matrix moves and his tricks very much
you did a nice job here mate
keep doing the good work

surpisingly good

There's so much wrong about this flash...
The graphics are crappy. Okay it's 'stick' style but that means it needs more polish to get things looking good.
There was no sound. This type of flash really needs some sound to it.
It was a blatant rip-off from xiaoxiao. (though not necessarily a bad thing)
The bullets moved too slow and at different speeds.
Some of the limbs seemed to stretch so they could reach their target or whatever.

But... after all that..

I really enjoyed it. The ideas you had in there rocked. The fight scenes were very cool in general although there were a few things that looked kinda pathetic (I remember one of the enemy stick guys killed another simply by running into him - wtf?)
I thought the street fighter style fire ball near the end was cool too.

Overall - the ideas are there and really imaginative, some are pulled off really nicely whilest others look like shite. With more polish this could be a really decent flash, just try to use your own style next time, newgrounds folk don't take kindly to those who copy popular flash.

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2.10 / 5.00

Nov 10, 2003
6:11 AM EST
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