Stick violence

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This isn't actually mine. A friend made it and I'm just submitting it for him cos he doesn't have an account or visit this site. It had sound and music but it wasn't a swf file so when I changed it to a swf file it didn't keep the sound and music. Please Review.


It would have been a lot better with music

Except the sound of shooting, the whole movie was silent, there was no atmosphere because of that. Sometimes the stickmens' movement wasn't realistic, with sometimes I mean when it was supposed to be. I have to say that I've seen a lot better stick-movies.

Benny Hill

The way the stick men ran, reminded me of the Benny Hill show...

A good effort, but..

Doesn't go far. It's wayyy too alike Xiao Xiao, but the graphics don't even come close.
Although my advice may not mean much: try and make the movements smoother, and the "physics" more "real".

As I said, though, it was an effort not made in vain; this will only make your next film better.


Some sound will be good. And the animation looks crappy. But I like the tricks in it;)...

For the next time come back with sounds and try to improof your animation!!:)

A cheap laugh and a half

A little more sound would be good. Mabye a lil more colour. The animation was sloppy in some places, but the rest was well done, I got a few small laughs at it. A good starting point for a movie.

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2.10 / 5.00

Nov 10, 2003
6:11 AM EST
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