Furby Interactive

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Furby Interactive

Play with a virtual furby. Make him talk & move, dress him up, and play some music too. Just something for fun.

This was made by Violet-AIM (not XwaynecoltX). He broke into my account and tried to claim collab credit for some of my movies.

Absent from flash after this was made. Any posts or reviews made by me from May 2005-Jan 2011 was not by me.


Why would I WANT to play with a Furby

overall good game, but i hate furbys

Violet-AIM responds:


Oh god dam nice!

Really solid dress-up. One of the best non-pornographic dress-ups around. Lots of stuff to put on him, I liked the combination pimp hat (as I called it) and halo. Looked like an the angel pimp furby. Weird... Anyways nice dress-up!

Violet-AIM responds:

LOL angel pimp furby.... thanks promaster!!

((( LOL )))

Hahah furby interactive, yikes scary, his audio really might give me some nightmares heheh, good dress-up, with all the sounds, and all the mass of items, lots to choose from, nice job once again...

MOVIE COMMENTARY: Furby aaaaakkkkk...


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Violet-AIM responds:

Thanks XwaynecoltX. I finally made a dress-up. I know you're a pro at those.

yada yada yada.

ummm... it was... dull.

Violet-AIM responds:

it's just a dress-up/soundboard


Might have been better if you could interact with him a bit more.. instead of just picking his colors and making him make noise in general, instead be able to actually poke him like a real furby? Plus like driptherat said, its a little compact and hard to work with. Cute though

Violet-AIM responds:

I put the sound files on the side, rather than having it a poke thing because it's a dress-up, and with all those moveable parts, I can't have it interact that way. Thanks for the review.

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3.34 / 5.00

Nov 9, 2003
9:26 AM EST
Simulation - Pet / Buddy