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Sinfin TeaSeR

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A teaser for "HOW THE SINFIN STOLE CHRISTMAS" which is expected either late this month or early in january.


nice intro

good intro, wanna see what u've done with the idea


god help me im in dire need of a good movie help.whoa dang that sucked. it sucked so bad i didnt even watch the whole thing.

EdwinsGeneration responds:

Lollers it doesnt start till 20 seconds into it!


Anticipation............... *squirms*

- | - what

i dident understand it
but i like ure other videos of KORN

EdwinsGeneration responds:

thx, but theres not much of a story to this u kno. its just a teaser to get u uhh.."excited" for the actual thing lol


You're not bad at this you know. The character transformations were pretty interesting ways of changing camera views. The fact I really like this video is because you DIDN'T use stick figures. While your people don't look the greatest, the film is worthy of staying in the portal. You atleast put more effort into it than most people do. If there's one thing you should work on besides character designs, it's to try and fix the tear animation. Maybe also tone down the voices so they don't drown out the music. Nice job man

EdwinsGeneration responds:

oops, i think ur talking about the wrong film here :O from your review im guessing u meant to review "KoRn - Thoughtless" so ill just pretend u did review that lol thx man i realy liked it too except i cooda done better on the reptitions and made more animations! thx

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2.68 / 5.00

Nov 8, 2003
5:47 PM EST
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