You are a F*cking Moron6

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Well Courtney Love will probably sue me for this, but Reginold just had to take his shots at her. She's the poster child for sterilization.


I see a pattern.

OK, is it just me, or is it possible, in just the TINIEST way, that stereotypes really are true?

All the dumb bitches that have come up lately on the matter of fucking morons are BLONDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Or at least pretending to be. *fake*) Why are these moronic "better sexes" even still alive?? They're like fucking cockroaches, spreading disease and contamination by causing people to want to be just like them!!!

Actually, I just now at this very moment had an epiphany, a mental breakthrough; I have come to realize that the true morons in this world are not just these over-worshiped and ridiculously idolized assholes, but the mindless, drooling retards who actually acknowledge and praise them. Why would you worship someone who has no possible way of being able to use simple logic and common sense, and in turn uses ridiculous amounts of money to actually escape reality and exchange working brain cells (however many they had to begin with,) for a drug induced euphorian stupor??!!!

I personally, being a natural brunette, thank God that I am not blonde. I feel sorry for ANY woman and especially young girls who dye their hair this ghastly asinine color. Your I.Q. drops at least 10 point per hair!!

Or- Actually, you know what? Who cares? Who am I to get in the way of people's hopes and dreams?
Go ahead. Keep buying these morons' shitty music and crappy, overpriced merchandise. Keep licking the runny, AIDS infected mounds of shit coming out of their dick-damaged, loose rectum every two minutes for all I care. I can only pray that you die a long painful death and rot in Hell where you will forever burn in agony and writhe with the stupid decisions you made in your worthless life as they play over and over again in your crack filled skull while you in return are anally raped by those you adored and will eventually meet!!

I hate blondes.
Fucking morons.

And of course, very amusing! I laughed till I turned purple!:D

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You know what ticks me off is how, while Courtney "escaped," most celebs who spend time in a looney bin get out in a day or two. Now, I am not retarded, not by a long shot, but I have my share of mental illness, and I have never spent less than a week in a mental hospital when sent there. Celebrities are treated like higher forms of life, so good for you to bring them down to earth. This treatment is exactly why, even though everyone KNOWS MJ is a pedophile, he remains free.

Who's Reginald's next victim?

Hopefully as dumb if not dumber than the subjects on past shows. This is a good series. Keep 'em coming.


The choices for people on this show just keep getting better.

God, I love this series!

I cannot believe that woman. Did you guys see her on the Pamela Anderson Roast? Dude! She was tweeked out of her mind! I love ya Courtney, but GODDAMN. You are seriously fucked-up. There is not enough psychiatric care in the entire WORLD that could fix you!
I love the guys voice, he's so sarcastic. Well done!

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Nov 8, 2003
4:14 AM EST
Comedy - Parody
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