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LazerZappers (full)

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Finaly, more than a month long working day and night, I finaly did it!

* If you win the challence succesfully, you can unlock Extra's.

Have fun!!!

I made this specialy for Newgrounds!!

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I was overall entertained, but, it was way too easy.
Honestly, it kind of made me sleepy, and why were there no minigames unlocked after i beat the whole game? Oh well, good game attempt, it just needs more, like a difficulty setting.

am I missing something?

how is it that I hit all my targets, in the middle, I hit most of them and get 250 points and he gets 2550 points? what am I doing wrong!?

not very good concept

Make it more of like a first person shooter trying to hit the other person not just shooting boring blue targets with white dots in the middle.


But still anawesome game. Your going on my favorites list at #2. Your games rock, and your a perfect flash creator. Your da' bomb!!! 5/5!!! Anyway, sweet game!!

good stuff

hey this is really great i like the graphics and the options and stuff is cool the only thing is this gets a little repetitive although its a great game i have some ideas...these are only ideas so dont think im forcing you too i just think that with your skills you should make a doom type game or at least add on to this game popout targets im sure you could do it so think it through and good luck with all your future projects keep up the great work im off to see another one

RVWD responds:

wow, you must think i'm someone great in flash right? :D well.... i can't make a complete 3D engine, but i can make something that is based on DOOM, thnx for the compliments and ideas!!

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4.20 / 5.00

Nov 7, 2003
1:17 PM EST