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Nov 6, 2003 | 6:58 AM EST

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For those of you who play way too much online games such as dark age, this is your wake up call!



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


^^Good Points^^
A pretty good movie, I think. I have never played the game, but it sounds similar to Runescape, so I am familiar. The graphics were fair. You had your own drawings, and some good animations in this, and Steve Erkle making an appearance was funny. The facts part had to be my favorite of this movie though. Great music throughout this movie.

^^Needs Improving^^
Some sound effects could be used I think. This was mostly just music, which didn't leave much space for sound effects. Try to lower the music and add some sound effects.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Way too true...unfortunately:)

This, contrary to the guy who says people who play MRPG's or MMRPG'S(Which are the same, but more longer and boring after awhile) don't believe they are in a real setting, when they actually do. It's like CRACK, but legal(Quote from How to Make a Monster.).

The gaming industry makes 5 billion on gamers in the U.S. each year alone, not to mention the 1+ billion more that is spent on online gaming.
To put it into perspective, the DEA estimates drug sales of crack and cocaine in the U.S. to be slightly nearly 4 billion each year.

This means we are all addicted to gaming crack:).

I've known RPG's online where the game runners punished players in game if they talked OOC(Out of Character), even if it was habitual to you to talk that way, and no one else minded. And they had thre gall to label anyone who talked this way a HERETIC to the land or some such.

Don;'t even get me started on other games, like STAR WARS:GALAXIES. Now there's a great idea, put a bunch of star cracked crazies on a server to see who has the force with them the most. As if they don't get enough of that while passing out drunk while dressed as wookies at role playing conventions.

I do play online once in a while, but I do know it's a game, only play 2 times a week or less, and I never cuss another out for what I know is my fault. Life is too crapped up as it is, then to bring your garbage life into a virtual one and make it less crappy...albeit in a different way.

The truth is OUT THERE, in the real world, and not on a screen.:p. Also, the sims is another game people took way too seriously. Here you have people controlling other people, and watchingg them kill others, rob stores, make out, undress(Eww:)), etc. Sounds like the players of the sims have a slaver complex inside them. Maybe they roleplayed as jabba's slavemasters in SW:Galaxies for a time as well. Lol.

Ta-BEE 1.2.3
Can't stop playing,
Must reach disconnect button before my mind rots into ichor......ahhhhh!


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


Ok, just to let all of you guys out there know that nearly every one who plays DaoC or EQ or any other online rpg actually do know that it is a game
The only bad thing about the games is that there are people who take it to seriously and get stressed when you kill them or forget to heal them... oh, and when they yell at you for killing them and it was there fucking fault for running into a large argo area in the first place

So.. I sugest that you actually talk to the people who play the games before creating stupid movie thingys about them

ps. PLAY Daoc IT ROCKS.. well, it used to untill they raised the price and people starting leaving and it became inactive...


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


I myself play daoc. You must be one of those newbie's who always seems to have a train running behind him in any dungeon.

Fact 1: The game is fun, if you are into Role Playing Games.

Fact 2. Paying to wage war, yes, that's right, someone is gonna have to pay for a server that holds 2000+ people. I mean unless you are a stinge wad you don't understand.

Fact 3: That beginning guy looks more like a dwarf, not a lurikeen if thats what you were going for.

Fact 4. Go play Dark Age of Camelot today!


Rated 4 / 5 stars


funny one quetion what was the battle sequence song slip knot or somthing (anser plz)