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As gesture of friendship Aliens give the people of Oz the TerrorDrome and the Triple Extreme Games, and so the OzzyAlien Republic was born!

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i....did not understand that one bit.what? well, whatever. graphics. i just didn't enjoy how it looks. i did not really like the style of it.maybe it is just me. well, whatever, i just thought something else would be better to use instead of this. style. it is expiramental(i dunt noe hou tae spehhl).not the good type. if you would have given it a bit more plot then it would have been a bit better, but you didn't. dude, use some more real plot besides random stuff. some expiramental random crap would be good, but this...doesn't cut it. i m sorry but it just didn't do it for me.the audio, was not good. i mean at all. it needs to be louder. you need some better voice acting. etc. sorry if i m being a critic, it just isn't good. sorry.violence. not much. blow up earth. whatever.interactivity. you click stuff. that's it. humor. i can see the humor, it just doesn't make any real laughs. overall.it is a 5. deal with it. well, sorry, needs a bit more work. best of luck.



that is 1 fuked up flash. wat the hell wuz up wit dat song.4 sure they r mental and crazy! O_o

What the heck

Like the guy previously, I do give you points for your creativity. But it was very annoying, and I do not like movies that espouse homosexuality. So your movie was gay...literally, and figuratively speaking.

That was bloody insane mate

Oid warch it whoile eatin vegimite mate

Seriously, you get a five for fucking originality alone. I never would have thought of that and that's probably why i'm still allowed to be part of society. But I'm not getting any 5's either...


that was the weirdest and scariest thing i have ever seen in my life, and i have seen pretty weird things in my life and that was just the weirdest. but it was good. keep up the weirdness.

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Nov 6, 2003
6:25 AM EST
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