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In my drawing class, we were told to do a self portrait with our opposite hand (which in my case, was my left). I was frustrated with the assignment and made a little animation about. I have my doubts submitting it but my art teacher nearly peed herself when she saw it and all my friends think its NG worthy.

WTF!?!? Daily Feature?? For real? I guess this is newgrounds worthy after all.

Alright alright I get it, if one more person tells me how a light saber cauterizes a wound so it won't bleed I'm going to rip my hair out.


You should go into advertising

That was hilarious

I wanna try Mentos now, you should consider going into advertising

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lmao, great movie

Great touch with the mentos gag... yeah.

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Your my favorite animator!

Great job! I can't wait until Kermit Kombat 2 Ep. 3. This was more then worth a daily feature and it was as funny as fuck.

As for the star wars nerds. Ignore them. I remember that episode where Triumph went to the star wars convention. That was funny as fuck!

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bluefire007 talks outta hia ass

If what he said was the case then how come you didnt see luke's hand disintergrate or darth maules body disintergrate. anyways great cartoon.


The lightsaber will not patch up the wound you idiots! The blade is not made of heat; it is pure energy. It causes the molecules to disperse!!! So basiclly the whole hand would disintegrate. (No I'm not a Nerd)

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Nov 4, 2003
8:32 PM EST
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