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It's a little late we realize... but Ed and I made a little game for Halloween. It's very simple but very fun. And this time the idea for the game came from my twisted little mind :)

And the first person to bitch about it being too simple will get SNACKED ON! ;)


why do u make these?

sometimes i wonder how much time is put into something that obviously is not worth it.... like the 30 minutes it probobly took to make this...

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EyesOnlyUS, you officially suck, for putting dumb-shit faces in your review, and using the term 'old school' which you spelt wrong anyway, that is one of the stupidest phrases, especially if youre talking about die-hard mac fans, I have some news for you asshole, macs spelt backwards spells SCAM. so yeah you lose becuase macs suck, Im not saying microsoft is much better, but yeah macs are useless piles of junk. ha.

Remenicent of Bill The Demon

Back in the dark ages of computing, there was a shareware game called Bill the Demon for Macintosh which was about a Demon named Bill with an eating disorder (If you didn't keep feading him the souls of the damned, Bill would die.) While the pumpkin doesn't die if you don't fead him, this game is remenicent to that game, in the sense of the theme and the fact that you had to eat people to gain points. While the pumpkin is rather slow to eat stuff, smashing those kids is OK, but you don't get points for it. :-(

This game would be better if you could eat suff faster and get points for smashing children.

I would recomend this game for anyone who misses Bill the Demon and the old skool Mac fans.

Very Creative

I like it. It was creative and well suited for halloween.

good for halloween.

Yeah, i guess you mada your point or whatever, now that halloween is gone, it's not that fun anymore, but good graphics though and good idea.

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Nov 3, 2003
8:54 PM EST
Action - Other
  • Daily Feature November 4, 2003