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Mafia Banana takes charge

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To quote the Mafia Banana... "Eat my fuck" and click a dam five.

This movie is a milestone in english literature. The figurative language and massive hominumious dialogue is that which deservs the highest recognition.

*Pube muppet, if your reading this, we should do a movie together. The Mafia Banana loves Pube Muppet. Just email me.*



funny as shit, the text kicks ass!!!!

Piece o nothing

A series of panels where the banana is swearing (and it's not even clever swearing)

Damn, I thought this would have been permanently removed.

1/ No graphics of your own - okay, well a few, but hardly worth any attention
2/ No plot - I know this ain't a book. It's a cartoon, fine. But either have a plot or some witty ideas. Random swearing does not qualify (unless that, in itself, is original and witty, however vulgar it may turn out.)
3/ No animation - well, I don't qualify static objects moving around as animation. I could do the same with JavaScript in a web page. That's saying "that's not talent".
4/ This is obviously the work of an underacheiver who thinks that swearing is funny in itself.

1/ watch the top 100 of the portal - there are plenty of rude and/or violent things there along with the rest. The difference is: they're original
2/ Watch a few episodes of Family Guy, or the Simpsons - they're vulgar, nonsensical and illogical - but they're witty
3/if you can't do any of those, do it as an art form. There are plent of cartoons with no plot and no dialogue but are just good for the quality of animation

And if you can't do that, go do some homework

PS: no I don't animate. Do you play music, make films or paint 50 by 30 foot paintings that take a third of a life time? I don't think so. But It doesn't stop you from criticising any of them quite rightly. So don't whine.

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Anal-Juice responds:



A bunch of nonsense that didn't go anywhere--in a bad way.

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....and some heinze ketcgup.

Inprove the graphics.Mafia banana looks good,but u need backdrops dammu.Make him shoot more people,put there feet in cement and river their ass.U shouldnt diss negrounds though,thats faggish!!!

that was fucked

nothing wrong with 13 year olds(i am one)newgrounds rocks,that banana didnt have balls,poles or anything else he described,im surprised this didnt get blammed for making fun of newgrounds,and it was pretty funny otherwise

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1.83 / 5.00

Nov 3, 2003
2:13 AM EST
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