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The 22nd Amendment

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I did this Flash for my American government project, and was curious to see how it would do. I'm slowly but surely breaking away from the evils of stick figures, so bear with me. The 22nd amendment is the amendment that limits presidents to only two terms. This was done to prevent the president from gaining too much power by giving people favors while in office. Also, according to the constitution, the president is not allowed to propose laws in front of congress. Anyway, my Flash just explores what might happen if the president has one to many terms. Enjoy, and please review.


if u keep working on it u will do better

just keep working on it this is off the subject, but someone should make a video killing onboma and hillery make it like a 7-9min fight that would be pretty kool and make them both suffer haha!!


You are such a dumass, what he have done was pure geniouse! it made my laugh so hard it must mean that im on drugs!!!!! (im not on drugs). GREAT JOB VERY FUNNY!

Hope You Got An "F" On The Project

This wasn't funny or creative at all. Maybe you weren't trying to be funny.... well.... then good job. This really wasn't the reason why the 22nd amendment was made so I don't think that would mark high on a project about it. If you don't even know why the amendment was made that may be a tiny little problem.

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OK Flash, questionable civics lesson

First, I think it was pretty brave of you to post a Flash at Newgrounds about something other than sex or violence. Politics is risk stuff. Your scenario is pretty far-fetched and history is a little fuzzy:

1) The main reason the 22nd amendment had nothing to do with presidential power and everything to do with the Republicans. They were royally pissed that FDR and Truman kept the Republicans out of the White House for 20 years (Lesson: It was, is, and always will be the economy, stupid. Thanks for the Depression, Hoover).
2) Presidents have always proposed legislation, but I think you're a bit deluded if you think Congress passes everything the President wants, no matter how "strongly" he suggests it.
3) No sitting President will ever have the balls to even suggest that Congress even discuss decriminalizing marijuana.
4) Some of the strongest supporters of legalizing marijuana are economists, not shady thugs looking to whack protesters. Check out Milton Friedman's thoughts on the topic.

Thanks for posting! It was a nice change of pace.

ha ha ha

That was semi-funny... The prez kinda looked like Cartmen from S. Park... Or maybe I just had too much marij... :P

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Nov 2, 2003
9:57 PM EST
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