Clock Day Mayhem!

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finnaly my second movie is out!
ig you havent seen my first movie yet I suggest that you go to see it so you can understand few more things.

I apologize for the low quality of the sound but that was the only way to reduce the file size

Please, it took me alot of time to make this movie so please watch the movie first and than review and score it
dont balm it just because I am clock or jewish

thank you :)


Good Job!!!

I have to say good job!!! JewClock you really had a good idea, im glad to know there are still some great animators out there with creative ideas.


Great job JewClock! You really have some talent there! The graphics were nice, and the music choices were excellent. The voices, however, were hard too hear over the loud music. This movie was very long and well done, I enjoyed it all the way to the end. It would have been better though if you submitted this on Clock Day. Keep up the great work!

- BlueCherryClock

Ah man!

This was a really great movie. Great plot element and the pretty light effects from the transfer of BET (I always though BET was Black Entertainment Television). It was super cool when Straw Berry Clock transformed and starting whipping major lock ass. Also there were several puns along with great drawings and smooth animation. PLUS plenty of blood and violence. Great movie, and congradulations.

not bad for a jew....clock

that was well made. idea and animations were nicely done. my friend is like, Jewish Clock, a little same as you but he sucks and wants to like, be like you or something. so um...good work.



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3.44 / 5.00

Nov 2, 2003
6:25 PM EST
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