The Final Dump

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haha! Well I've been working on a more serious flash called "Out of this World II" for over 2 months and I needed a break, so I composed this flash that I imagined and thought was funny and easy enough to make as a little side job... it should not be a reflection of the movies that will be submitted in the future... but just a little laugh, I'll prolley make another one before out of this world is done... If you think this one is funny.. chances are you will think the ones done before it are as well so check em out!!!

haha I hope for your sake you have an open mind before watching this cartoon!!! ahha



niiiiigggaa tht fk funny for real lolz :D

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Like the rating system says...

"This makes poop look good." Nail-encrusted poop, at that.

I have to take a dump now!

That gave me a good laugh! I like how you drew the character, it's hilarious!

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yeah i've had one of those

a few days after my hernia surgery i had to do 2 and it was tough and it almost popped out my staples it was truly a pain in the ass. pun intended. but he ate nails that's different but funny.


disgusting and wierd... its also interesting that u managed 2 sneak a ballsack in a E rated movie

smokeshow responds:

This was made way before the rating system was in place.

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Mar 10, 2001
12:50 AM EST
Comedy - Original