CARNOS part 1

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this is a movie about a guy called carnos who murdurs for no reason and is held captive in a maximum security prison. this is basically only an introduction.



that was really good animation exept you need to make it a bit longer. DON"T LET YOUR VIEWERS HANG IN SUSPENSE THAT SOON!!!!!!!

Good work!

it's not that bad...

but could be better if the sound was a bit better, and if you show how the guys kills the one questioning him..

the stick animations are cool..

i can summarize in one word


Good start

I'm getting very sick of stick figure movies, but this was one of the better ones (yet no one beats XiaoXiao). The frame rate was decent (could be a little higher), but the character in the beginning kinda walked funny. I really liked the mouths, and how they were really detailed on a bland stick figure body.

Terrible. The music was clipping and was WAY too loud. Without the subtitles, you wouldn't understand what the characters were saying. Also, EVERY ACTION NEEDS A SOUND!!! Punches, kicks, falls, blood splatters, EVERYTHING needs a sound to make the movie seem more complete. I can't stress it enough, good sound makes or breaks the piece.

Not a piece that needed interactivity, but there's a annoyance in the beginning. To play the movie, you need to click within a letter in the word "Play", not on the word itself. That's really easy to fix, and makes the movie look (and feel) sloppy and done by someone who didn't put a lot of effort into polishing the movie. If nothing else, PLEASE make sure that future movies don't have that glitch in it. Right off the bat, it'll lose some viewers.

As I said, I'm sick of stick figure theater, but the movie ran pretty smooth, and had motion. I really liked the opening, going down the hallway in fades was a nice touch. The door opening was also very well done. I'll be looking out for a sequel that's a LOT longer and a little tighter, as far as stories go. One bad style point, though, is the fight. It doesn't really look right, but I can't put my finger on it.

Nothing much to say about the violence... It wasn't bad, wasn't ground-breaking... It wasn't the best part of the movie, which is a good thing.

Humor: N/A

Overall: It's a decent start, but certainly not a "part 1". I'd consider it a opening sequence. I didn't give a good overall grade because the movie, in and of itself, isn't really worth watching in it's current state. It can most certainly lead to bigger and better movies, but right now, it feels like any other "Here's something I whipped together, hope you like it!" movie.

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Don't make the music drown out the voices

Just a tip for next time, as this looks to be on the road to blamville. You had the music far to loud. It was annoying and I could barely hear the voices. Fix it next movie.

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3.73 / 5.00

Oct 31, 2003
10:04 PM EST
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