CARNOS part 1

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this is a movie about a guy called carnos who murdurs for no reason and is held captive in a maximum security prison. this is basically only an introduction.


pretty cool

the music is way to loud...u can barly hear the characters...the concept was good...well done...the song u chose was awsome...i really like that song..

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Sounds way off to me.

Is is just me or was the level on the music way to high, and the voices way to low. Well, some of the parts were played out to long...like the intro to the prison scene, and the anticipation of what's going to happan next after we hear the gun shot, but other then that...it was pretty good. I really liked the fighting, my favorit part about all of your animations.


The animation was awsome,the plot was awsome and you chose the perfect audio for it too,i am really looking forward to the next part.Seems like youve got lots of things going on!

Great Animation

That was a really good animation, but the begining in the hall, was a little to long. i can't wait to see the next part

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not bad

the flash was alright, only it was a bit short. if you make it longer and use some sound from the audio portal, you could make this into a good series

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3.73 / 5.00

Oct 31, 2003
10:04 PM EST
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