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Human Cells

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Author Comments

A rather simple film, that came to me in a dream. I felt like animating it to the sound of Shepherd Moons, which is a group I gew up listening to alot. The song is kind of lulaby-ish. Also: I'm not trying to make a point, just make you think, for once... ((((EDIT: For those who can't tell, this isn't a film about ABORTION, this is a film about STEM CELL research)))


Well, the truth is...

The truth is, nobody is against stem cell research in and of itself. People often make that mistake. What many people DO have a problem with is embryonic stem cell research, THAT is the real argument. It's the same thing with the environment, there really is nobody that is "anti-environment", people just disagree on the level of damage or concern we should put into it.

As for me personally, I'm all for stem cell research, just as long as it's not embryonic. Besides the obvious moral and ethical differences, there is also the case of it being simply unreliable. Embryonic stem cell research has yet to yield virtually any real results. The most success has been achieved from bone marrow, and logically one should go to the more reliable source than just stop and go to an unreliable source, especially one that raises serious ethical questions.

Although I support stem cell research (other than embryonic), I don't think this is some "miracule cure". It's not guaranteed to cure anything, but I'll still hope for the best. Okay flash, BTW.

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I just clicked randomly, and when I saw this... It was just, wow. You've got a good point
about abortion, but it depends on who's observing it. Religious people, may believe that if
god wanted you to be born then you would have. And other people may believe other
things such as, sometimes it's good, sometimes it's not... But as for me, I thought it was
awesome... Made me think. Good graphics and I kind of liked the music to it. Heh. Great job on it.

what if?

What if the abortion happened to the egg of hitler or a serial killer to be? then the abortion would have been a good thing so our theory is all wrong, you have to look at the pros and cons alike.

prety cool

I liked it. If you don't know what it is, from what I saw, it showed pictures of fertalized human eggs and how each one is going to be something that will affect lives in the future and if we choose to have it happen otherside (abortion was the only thing I could think of), then that wouldn't help us at all, espically if that cell was soppost to be someone who makes a BIG difference. But yeah,... I really liked it.

Not the best place...

What about serial killers? Rapists? The cells they use aren't eggs anyway, are they? I thought they took cells floating around in the sac where the baby is, not from the baby itself. Either way, Newgrounds is not the best place to submit your hard work and political views and get an unbiased rating. My rating is for the flash, not the ideals.

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Credits & Info

2.71 / 5.00

Oct 31, 2003
4:40 PM EST
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